Anorak News | The horror beneath the $10,000 sex doll’s skin

The horror beneath the $10,000 sex doll’s skin

by | 4th, May 2017

Over at Realbotix boffins are “dedicated to integrating cutting edge emerging technologies with silicone doll artistry to provide a bridge between technology and humankind on emotional, mental, and physical levels.” They’re making love dolls. “When interacting with these dolls, we want users to ask themselves, ‘What is she thinking?'”

This is the love doll’s head (yours for $10,000):


robot sex head doll


sex doll teeth


She can listen, so don’t mention the terrifying teeth, the terrifying eyes, the terrifying nose or the terrifying colour. Just wonder ‘What is she thinking?’


Realbotix V2.0 expression tests #realbotix #realdoll #sexbot #robotlove

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