Anorak News | GE17: The reactionary Progressive Alliance will eat itself

GE17: The reactionary Progressive Alliance will eat itself

by | 8th, May 2017

The alternative to Theresa May’s Tories is to vote for a rival party. It pretty much doesn’t matter which one. They’ve decided to be the same. The BBC tells us:

Jeremy Corbyn needs to get round a table with the Greens to discuss ways of developing a progressive alliance, it’s co-leader Caroline Lucas has said.

Bit odd, no?

The alliance of Labour, Green, LibDem, SNP and whoever else opposes the Tories points to one alternative – a two party answer. You can have the one leader one nation Conservatives, or the multi-leader, one world alternative.

As Tim Worstall wonders, why not all just join the same party?

Robert Harries replies:

Because the Labour Party are far too pro-industrial socialism and (in theory) want to forward policies for material abundance for the masses, while the Greens are just austerity-socialists, middle class ‘moralists’ and neo-Malthusian moronic shites who aim for us all to be poor and think working class people going on cheap flights on holiday is a terrible thing.

It’s happening!

The Green Party has been the main driver of such alliances so far, having stood down for Labour or the Lib Dems in Ealing, Hove, Ilford, Hove, Oxford West and Abingdon, Richmond Park and Twickenham, while the Liberal Democrats agreed to stand down in Brighton Pavillion to enable Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas a better chance of retaining her seat.

Labour has meanwhile made it clear at a national level that it would not support such alliances, but activists in a number of constituencies have nonetheless defied such orders and decided not to back their own candidates in order to increase the chances for another progressive candidate in the region.

If you don’t back your own candidate – and how crap must they be? – you reduce the electorate’s choices. How is that progressive?

Lib Dem grandee Vince Cable has been caught on tape sharing such scandalous information that the Conservatives have felt honour-bound to release it to the general public.

In the “secret tapes”, Cable refers to Labour’s Rupa Huq, who is defending her marginal seat of Ealing Central and Acton…

Cable, who is fighting to regain his former seat in Twickenham, lets slip that he gave Huq a lift home after a TV appearance and they “talked for a couple of hours”. The former Coalition Business secretary then drops the bombshell: “It was very clear that on almost every issue our views were almost identical.” He urges “our people around the country” to “think and act in a constructive way”.

The plan seems simple: create an anti-democratic ego-led mess so that before long we’ll be begging to be controlled by the EU’s anti-democratic egomaniac technocrats.


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