Anorak News | Jeremy Corbyn divides us into white deplorables and black victims

Jeremy Corbyn divides us into white deplorables and black victims

by | 31st, May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn says “Only Labour can be trusted to unlock the talent of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people.” Sajid Javid,  Tory MP and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, endorses the message.




Jeremy Corbyn Javid


How great is Corbyn, eh. Without him you blacks, Asians, Jews and Jedis will be unable to achieve anything under your own steam. Jeremy Corbyn has distinguished the victims – you – from everyone else. Corbyn has divided you into racial blocs.  There’s no need for vigorous debate when identity is all. Being is achieving.

As Corbyn alleviates the knowing white man’s burden by feeling your black pain and leading dark-skinned faces out of the Heart of Darkness into the rosy-fingered dawn, whites who don’t vote for him become the country’s equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables”. If you’re not for the Asians and Blacks then you must be against them.

Corbyn, the arch authoritarian, has taken the Left from policing language to policing democracy. He and his kin are seemingly blind to their own bigotry. They reduce the options for the powerless ethnic minorities they represent. Look out for articles portraying black and Asian voters backing Theresa May and her Conservatives as victims of “internalised racism”, just as women who voted for Donald Trump over Clinton were accused of “internalised misogyny”.

Opportunity has less to do with socioeconomic status than race in Corbyn’s world view. If you want to end social inequality and improve the lives of working-class people, you need to vote in accordance to the colour of your skin. That’s what the Left’s anti-racists do – they make it all about your race. It really is beyond parody.

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