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After London And Manchester let’s be generous, audacious, passionate and free

by | 5th, June 2017

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When France was attacked by Islamist extremists, journalist Bertrand Dicale wrote for the Bataclan website. His words resonate in light of the attacks in Manchester and London. Last night at One Love Manchester, the benefit concert held in the wake of the Manchester attack to remember the victims of the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert on 22 May, joy and love shone through. It was fabulous.

On November 13 2015, Islamists attacked Paris, murdering 89 people on a night out at the Bataclan.

Here’s Dicale:

Several times in its very long history, the Bataclan had to be reborn and, in November of 2016, it is still reborn.

By reopening one year after the November 13 attacks, the Bataclan confirms what it has always been: a reflection of the culture and the art of living of Paris, whatever the events, the crises, the upheavals this city. This theater has experienced revolutions, chills, aesthetic quarrels and storms. It was glorious, it went bankrupt, it was forgotten, it came back…

And, as Paris was able to overcome its pain, its anger and its fear, the Bataclan would not die. It is born again, with more fervor and more humility than ever: it is to host concerts and shows, to give pleasure, to share the party. It is not much, although we all know that it is one of the freedoms guaranteed to us by living in a democracy.

He concludes:

The Bataclan could only resume the course of its history – generous, audacious, passionate. Free.

It’s a recipe for living.

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