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Ignacio Echeverria – there went a hero

by | 10th, June 2017

Ignacio Echeverria


As Anorak forms a new political party – three point plan for success: Hire a Santa Claus look-alike to front the campaign and woo the cool kids with promises of free stuff;  Appear strong and stable by repeating the same line over and over and talk about winning for the sake of winning; Demand more voting until the thicko electorate vote for what I want – a word on Ignacio Echeverria, the 39-year-old Spanish lawyer working at HSBC murdered by Islamists in the London terror attack.

The Spanish Government said Ignacio showed “solidarity and bravery in defending a helpless person”. He did. He was an ordinary civilian out enjoying life. But our freedom is the terrorists’ front line. How we react to their threat defines us. Ignacio’s response was heroic.

He’d been out skateboarding near Tate Modern when he came across a terrible sight. Instead of freezing or running away when he saw a defenceless woman being stabbed, Ignacio Echeverria ran towards her. He turned his skateboard, an object of freedom and fun, into a weapon and laid into the attackers. He didn’t stand a chance. They murdered him.

The Spanish government has awarded Ignacio its highest honour for bravery, the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit. We can all do our bit for Ignacio by never forgetting him, because Ignacio Echeverria epitomises the courage, decency, fight and essential human goodness we must cherish and celebrate. No honour for him and the other heroes of that terrible night is too great. They represent the best of us.


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