Anorak News | New York Times points fingers at Sarah Palin in GOP baseball attack

New York Times points fingers at Sarah Palin in GOP baseball attack

by | 15th, June 2017

The New York Times has news. It might even be fake news. Or it might just be wrong. James T Hodgkinson, 66, from Belleville, Illinois, a volunteer on the Bernie Sanders for President campaign and, above all, a violent loon is dead. Hodgkinson “sprayed bullets at Republican lawmakers during baseball practice in a Washington DC suburb”. He shot House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise and five others in “the early morning ambush at a park in Alexandria, Virginia”

The New York Times gets to work. Can it stick to the facts?

Was this attack evidence of how vicious American politics has become? Probably. In 2011, Jared Lee Loughner opened fire in a supermarket parking lot, grievously wounding Representative Gabby Giffords and killing six people, including a 9-year-old girl. At the time, we and others were sharply critical of the heated political rhetoric on the right. Before the shooting, Sarah Palin’s political action committee circulated a map that showed the targeted electoral districts of Ms. Giffords and 19 other Democrats under stylized cross hairs.

Palin did it? The NYT Times continues:

“Though there’s no sign of incitement as direct as in the Giffords attack…”

The NYTimes has not updated its story:

An earlier version of this editorial incorrectly stated that a link existed between political incitement and the 2011 shooting of Representative Gabby Giffords. In fact, no such link was established.

Other than that, the story was accurate.

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