Anorak News | Biased BBC identifies three Palestinian murderers as victims of Israeli violence

Biased BBC identifies three Palestinian murderers as victims of Israeli violence

by | 18th, June 2017

Three-Palestinians-killed-police Israel BBC


When Israeli police officer Hadas Malka, 23, was stabbed to death, the BBC headlined the story: “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem.” Let’s put some other recent news event through the BBC’s news shredder.

Briton killed after deadly stabbing on Westminster Bridge – BBC

The story: British-born Khalid Masood murdered three people on Westminster Bride. He injured 50 more. He fatally stabbed PC Keith Palmer.

British man killed in Manchester bomb – BBC

The story: Twenty-two people were murdered and 116 injured in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena. The dead British man is identified as Manchester-born Salman Abedi, 22. He detonated a home-made bomb as families were leaving a concert by US singer Ariana Grande.

British, Moroccan and Italian among killed after deadly stabbing in London – BBC

The story: Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba screamed “This is for Allah” as they murdered eight people and injured 48 others in an attack at London Bridge.

Others noticed the BBC’s twisting of facts to paint the killers as victims.


Hadas Malka biased BBC


Here’s Hadas Malka, the woman the BBC is at pains to paint as anything but the victim.


Hadas Malka


The BBC changed the headline. It now reads: “Israeli policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem.”


Hadas Malka bbc


But the story is still easy on the murderers. It begins:

Israeli police have shot dead three Palestinians after a deadly knife attack outside the Old City of Jerusalem, in which a policewoman died.

The policeman “died”. She was not murdered or “killed” in a what the BBC might call a ‘deadly stabbing’. She just “died”. But the killers were” shot dead” by “Israeli police”. The killers were armed with guns and knives.

Such are the facts.


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