Anorak News | After Finsbury Park: hate crime hunts and usual suspects

After Finsbury Park: hate crime hunts and usual suspects

by | 19th, June 2017

The righteous are taking sides, using the ‘facts’ to mutate the Finsbury Park murder to fit a cause. On twitter there is mention of anything and everything.

At London’s Al Quds march one know who understands things better than any of you told the masses that Jews were to blame for the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Find your prejudice and look for someone to affirm it.


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What is clear is that we are not united.

If we cannot speak our minds publicly for fear of being branded a bigot a racist or occupying ‘the wrong side of history’- shut down by the knowing and shut out of decent society by illiberal liberals – society splinters into groups and shibboleths of the ‘loving right’ and ‘disintegrating wrong’.

Officials strive to keep certain topics out of reach because they are scared of public opinion. What is ‘hate crime’ but a means by which to control speech and thought? We are left in a state of intellectual cowardice in which views fester and mutate into something nasty.

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