Anorak News | Paramedics attacked by idiots but it’s not worse than death

Paramedics attacked by idiots but it’s not worse than death

by | 14th, November 2017

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Paramedics do a testing job in trying circumstances for not all that much cash. But not everyone appreciates their efforts. While they treated a dying man in Small Heath, Birmingham, Hassan Shabbir Ali, 27, placed a note on the windscreen of their ambulance. It read: “You may be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive.”

Life goes on. The dead make room for the living; but paramedics make way for no-one.

Mr Ali has apologised for his crass note, which he wrote after being blocked for 20 minutes. Fair enough. But West Midlands Ambulance Service’s John Hagans says the note made the man’s family feel “50 times worse” over his death. Really?


paramedics note

Another note.


The ambulance service has released the note and a video of  Colin Anderson, 50, telling a paramedic treating a patient in Runcorn, Cheshire, to “do you fucking job properly” and labelled her a “fucking idiot” for blocking his work van. Anderson has also apologised, saying he has the “utmost respect” for paramedics.

GMB union officer Paul Turner, 35, says of that incident, filmed by a local man: “This is just one incident that’s been videoed, and that’s probably happening a dozen times a day.”



PS: Beneath the video on YouTube,one bleeding heart opines:

CH1LDOFTHEMOON: “You just got to hope that that guy has a car accident and need`s an ambulance and someone like him will give the ambulance crew a hard time, and the guy suffer`s for it!”

Because if there’ one thing we love more than ambulance staff, it’s wishing harm on other people.


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