Anorak News | Man shoot self and wife at church debate into gun violence

Man shoot self and wife at church debate into gun violence

by | 19th, November 2017

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Thoughts turn to 81-year-old Wayne Reid who while attending a Tennessee church for a “gun-violence at houses of worship” chat, accidentally shot himself and his wife, Kathy, 80. He did so after telling fellow worshippers, “I carry a weapon with me everywhere.”


The man removed the magazine and cleared the chamber to show the pistol to the others. He then reloaded it, put a round in the chamber and put it back in his pocket, Parks said.

When another person asked to see the pistol, the man took it out of his pocket and his finger accidentally hit the trigger. The bullet struck his right hand and then went through his 80-year-old wife’s abdomen and right forearm, according to the police chief.

The man and his wife are at the hospital. Guns in church is an ecumenical matter. “As far as I know, he’ll get to keep it,” says Police Chief Russ Parks. “No one who was in the church is wishing to press charges, and we in the police department think they’ve suffered enough.”

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