Anorak News | Everton balls: the biggest match ever (until Martin Keown’s next deadline)

Everton balls: the biggest match ever (until Martin Keown’s next deadline)

by | 27th, November 2017

Not content with ignoring facts to have a pop at Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil, Martin Keown is making historically incontinent comments about his other former club, Everton. Buying into the hype that everything in Premier League football is of monumental importance, Keown notices that Everton are playing badly, furrows his brown, leans in and tells Match of the Day viewers:  “You think now, Wednesday they play West Ham at home. Is there a bigger game in Everton’s history?”

A bigger game? No. Many bigger games? Yes. Even if you buy into Keown’s bilge that football began in the Premier League era, Everton have had big games. In 1994, they secured a momentous 3-2 win over Wimbledon.

Two goals down, with nine minutes of the season remaining – and needing to win to stay up – Everton scored the winner.




Four years later, Everton endured more last-day drama.




Everton stayed up by way of superior goal difference over Bolton. Everton needed only a point against Coventry if Bolton lost at Chelsea, which they did. Everton were one goal up – then with five minutes to go missed a penalty. With two minutes to go Coventry scored. Tension. You betcha.


But none of that nor the glory nights, when Everton won Cups and league titles matters. Because 14 games into the season, Martin Keown says a home match with West Ham is the biggest match in Everton’s history.

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