Anorak News | Racist woman thrown out of Starbucks

Racist woman thrown out of Starbucks

by | 15th, December 2017

To a Starbucks in Walnut Creek, Cali., where a woman on a lap top is berating a woman for speaking Korean in her vicinity. The LA Times hears the women tell Korean student Annie An: “This is America. Use English only… Your language is disgusting.”

We don’t know all that went on before. But we do know that the woman was filmed and the footage was uploaded to the web.


Starbucks row Korean


A Starbucks workers asks the woman to leave.  “You’re going to be in trouble when I get this letter out,” she say tapping on her keyboard. “You’re pressing numbers over and over again,” says a voice.

According to An, no fewer than three police officers lead the woman away.



Anyone else like to know more before they pass judgement? But, yeah, right: anyone using a lap top around all those hot drinks deserves everything they get.

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