Anorak News | Would be Tube fare-dodger caught by the penis

Would be Tube fare-dodger caught by the penis

by | 3rd, January 2018

penis underground


The last time anyone of note vaulted the turnstiles on the London Underground, they were on their way to shoot an innocent man in the head. So it could have been worse when our hero leapt over the ticket barriers at Covent Garden station (more evidence of the London 2012 Olympic legacy – ed). Well, at least he tried to. The barriers shut and the young blade was caught by the penis.

The alleged dodger’s todger had upset the plan.

In addition to kind hearts stopping to record the spectacle on their mobile phones, advice was offered, not last of all the directive, “Butter him up, butter him up.”

Once freed, the man thanks a police officer (unarmed) and a passer-by who had helped.

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