Anorak News | Nine who overdosed on hyoscine further cause of legalised cocaine

Nine who overdosed on hyoscine further cause of legalised cocaine

by | 4th, January 2018

More evidence that all drugs should be legalised comes to us from Perth, Australia. Nine backpackers from France, Morocco, Germany and Italy are in hospital undergoing treatment for overdosing on a prescription drug called hyoscine, also known as scopolamine. It’s used to treat motion sickness. Reports suggest the victims, aged 21 to 25, thought they were snorting cocaine.

Three of the travellers are in intensive care in induced comas.

“They didn’t know where they were,” says Dr David McCutcheon of the Royal Perth hospital, where some of the victims were treated. “They were rolling around on their stretchers. It is lucky someone called an ambulance. Several of these people would have died without medical attention … their bodies were overheating, they were having seizures.”

One backpacker discharged form hospital says they found the drugs in a package with a┬áNew York stamp dated December 11. It was addressed to a name none of them knew. Inside was a white powder wrapped in aluminium, which had the word “scoop” written on it.

The upshot must be that people will always look for ways to get off their faces. The sensible thing would be to legalise drugs and reduce the chance of anyone taking unknown poisons. Drugs should be legal because they can be dangerous and pose serious risks. It’s time for a war on the war on drugs.

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