Anorak News | 10 tourists arrested for ‘pornographic dancing’ in Cambodia

10 tourists arrested for ‘pornographic dancing’ in Cambodia

by | 28th, January 2018


Five Britons in an orgy of ten tourists have been pinched by the fuzz for “pornographic dancing” in Cambodia, not far from the ancient temples of The Dorchester Angkor Wat. Each alleged dirty dancer faces a year in prison if found guilty of producing “pornographic pictures and materials”. They could wallow in jail for around 6 months before their case comes to trail.

The sophisticated group were in a rented villa in Siem Reap when they allegedly engaged in a spate of syncopated dry humping. You’ll be less than shocked to learn that of the 10 nicked, just two were women. As with guinea pigs, so too with humans. Also dancing: if pretending to hump a consenting female’s leg is defined as dancing, most women at British weddings –  and I’m looking at your Prince Harry – wouldn’t need to coax men onto the dance floor.

All ten have been named:

Britons: Vincent Harley Robert Hook, 35, Daniel Richard Leeming Jones, 30, Thomas Alexander Jeffries, 22, Billy Stevens, 21, and Paul Francis Harris, 32;  Dutchman Job Robertus van der Wel, 22; Canadians Jessica Drolet, 25, and Eden Koazoleas, 19; Norwegian David Nikolaus Aleksandr Ballovarre, 22; and New Zealander Paul Martin Brasch, 32.

One source is quoted by the Press Association: “Honestly, it was really confusing. Everyone was confused. They raided, rounded us up, there was about 80 to 100 people at this party, some of them were tourists. There were about 30 of them [police officers]… We’re innocent. We don’t know why we’ve been arrested – we’re getting different stories from different people.”

Duong Thavry, chief of Siem Reap’s anti-human trafficking and juvenile protection department, thunders: “We cracked down on them because they committed activities that are against our culture.”

This is what Human Rights Watch says of Cambodia:

Prime Minister Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander, has been in power since 1985. His rule has relied on security force violence and politically motivated persecution of opposition members, activists, and human rights workers. Security forces commit killings and torture with impunity. Authorities regularly restrict the right to peaceful assembly by suppressing protests and banning nonviolent gatherings and processions. The politically powerful have carried out forced evictions and illegal land grabs for decades. Government officials and judges are mired in corruption. Garment industry workers, primarily women, are subject to sexual discrimination and other rights abuses.

Seems like the ideal spot for the holiday. Next time your nicked in Cambodia, act like the locals: make sure you’re carrying lots of cash? And bone up on the worm:


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