Anorak News | Slow-Motion concussion in the NFL – a painful video

Slow-Motion concussion in the NFL – a painful video

by | 3rd, February 2018


Josh Begley has complied a video of NFL players getting concussed during this season’s games.It’s ugly viewing. What should be a leisure pursuit becomes a high risk activity.



Greg Dorsainville adds:

If it was in forwards it would be like any big hits package you see in an espn highlight show where we celebrate the football and hit and not mourn the result of the moment: a human in pain, disorientation, and slowly killing themselves.

It used to be worse. In 1905:

Like the recent Time magazine cover featuring a 16-year-old who died playing the game, Americans are starting to ask, “Is football worth it?” Football has been here before, at a time when it was actually much more vicious. In 1905, 19 college football players died from injuries sustained while playing the sport; with five times as many college players participating today, the modern equivalent would be 95 on-field deaths. The San Francisco Call listed off the year’s fatalities: “Body blows, producing internal injuries, were responsible for four deaths, concussions of the brain claimed six victims, injuries to the spine resulted fatally in three cases, blood poisoning carried off two gridiron warriors, and other injuries caused four deaths.”


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