Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: 600 wells of ‘could’ ‘may’ and ‘belief’

Madeleine McCann: 600 wells of ‘could’ ‘may’ and ‘belief’

by | 3rd, April 2018

Madeleine McCann news on the Daily Star’s front page. The paper’s lead news story is – get this – “TOP BRIT COP: WE MAY NEVER FIND MADDIE.”

The “Top Brit cop” is “tough-talking detective Colin Sutton”? Who? And can a man who says something “may” not happen be accused of talking tough? The”we” part of the headline surely means all of us, the millions who have followed the story of the missing child ever since she vanished in My 2007.

Undaunted by the palpable lack of fact, the Star continues to tell readers on page 7 that Sutton “rejected the opportunity to head the Madeleine McCann inquiry” and “believes finding her her could be ‘almost impossible'”. Can you believe something that might not be possible; or can you disbelieve something that might be impossible?

After the “mays” and the “believes”, we get to another “could”. The Star’s headline states: “600 wells where Maddie could be.” And how many wells are where she could not be, to that matter, farms, boats, flats, houses, spaceships and hotels? Dunno. We’re not told.

We do hear from a scientist who says Praia da Luz is “the easiest place to hide a body I’ve ever visited” – has he been to The Emirates?’? Is evidence of the area’s dark reputation based on the lack of bodies found, in the same vein as the absence of crocodiles in Bridlington is proof that man-eating lizards don’t dare mess with Yorkshire folk? –  and a “local journalist” who says there are “vast quantities” of hiding places. The Star calls these words “revelations”, in much the same way a revelation can be finding your face with your hands.

“Maddie: is this the end?” asks the Star on page 6. No.  It’s still front-page news. Let’s see how many more copies she sells…

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