Anorak News | Jeremy Corbyn is now woke to the ‘Jew World Order’

Jeremy Corbyn is now woke to the ‘Jew World Order’

by | 4th, April 2018

How’s Jeremy Corbyn getting along with the so-called ‘Jewish community’? Well, if one thing is clear, the Jewish community is like every other top-down ascribed ‘community’: branded as ‘Other’ by the knowing. The [insert] community is something made-up by faux progressives to lump a minority into a cultural portacabin. The Jewish community has no community centre, with some Jews preferring to spend the Passover holiday watching football, whilst others went to synagogue, tweeted, cheated on their spouses, wondered what happened to Terry Waite, painted the skirting boards, and fixed the toilet. A few broke leavened sour dough with the Labour Party leader, whose not even Jewish. So much for the Jewish community, then – if you can find the club house, they let anyone in.

Corbyn was at a “Passover satire” (The Times) run by something called Jewdas. The meal eschewed parsley dipped in salty water (representing tears of the Jews liberated from slavery in Egypt) and a game of find the Matzoh, opting instead for chants of “*f*** the police”, “f*** the armies” and “f*** the Tories”. Jez did not join in with the chants, but did read a prayer called Elijah’s Cup, a riff that begins: “Fill this cup with the hope that socialism and revolution will be upon us soon.” Last year’s Seder by the group featured the prayer “Please God smash the State of Israel” and ended with a “f***the Queen”, and calls for “full communism” and to “burn down Parliament”. Doubtless followed by coffee, petit fours and Pictionary.

I recall at Seder nights with my own family leaving the door open for Elijah to enter and an empty chair at the table for a Refusenik, a Russian Jew stymied from living to the full by, you know, Communism. Odd that Seder chairs in the UK are now filled with diners calling for a return to those halcyon days of censorship, restricted movement and freedom from free expression.

Oh, and Jewdas have also called Israel a “steaming pile of sewage”.

The language is stark; the message easy to comprehend. A million Jewish children impelled to learn the old payers and of the plagues in Hebrew will be excused for thinking Corbyn and Jewdas have made life a lot simpler.


The Jeremy Corbyn and Jewdas Seder abridged

The Jeremy Corbyn and Jewdas Seder abridged


Jewdas then undid much of its revolutionary zeal by saying how “delighted” it was that “Jeremy Corbyn accepted our invitation to the Jewdas community Seder.” What community? Ah, yes, of course. If one Jew invited Corbyn for dinner, then all Jews invited him. It’s an endorsement of his sound Jew-loving credentials. A Jew is not an individual to the monocular; a Jew epitomises the collective, existing to define what the non-Jew is not. Granted, most Jews would not give him the dripping from this noses (an old Yiddish phrase there), but that discussion can be saved for the next community do at ‘Meshungena’ Mori’s flat in Neasden, where Jeremy Corbyn will be presented with a voucher for a burial plot on the Mount of Olives, a Ratner’s decanter and a signed photo of Boy George. Mori does so love to entertain and represent his community. He’s bonkers, of course, but these are dangerous times to be a Jew, and Mori is possessed of enough wit to recognise  the anti-Semitic codes that Sharmishta Chakrabarti’s ‘investigation’ into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party was all-but blind to. He opts to be gormless and generous over too clever and money-mad. He aims to what the Left would call a ‘good Jew’.

To the Left, Jews are an intrinsic part of the problem with America, 9/11, ISIS, Syria, Iraq, banking, world peace and Israel, the stories that always ride on the top of the BBC and Guardian’s news cycles. If it bleeds it leads, runs the old newspaper mantra. If it bleeds in Israel, says the BBC, then it must be true and emoted to British viewers, placed well ahead of any atrocity elsewhere in the world. Israel, according to the Left, is the key grievance in Islam, more so than foreign invasions of Iraq, say, or fighting in Chechnya.

Of course, criticism of Israel is valid and needed. There has been appalling loss of life in the battle for peace, Palestinian statehood and Israel’s right to exist. Too often people on both sides have been failed by their leaders. But to hold Israel to higher standards than other countries, including Britain, is unhelpful and blinkered. There is something more to the story than lambasting Israel’s political wrongs. Anti-Israel stands too often in place of anti-Semitism. Nowhere is this more blatant than in the Left’s drawing of parallels between Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and Nazis’ treatment of the Jews, a connived narrative designed to reduce the Holocaust. It mutates the horror of industrial murder and genocide into an everyday occurrence. It isn’t.


anti-Semitic new statesman kosher conspiracy

The Labour Party supporting New Statesman had a question that might have been rhetorical. Anti-Semitism on the Left did not grow in a vacuum.


One invite to sup with Jews wipes away decades of the Left depicting Red Sea Pedestrians as a uniquely barbaric people undeserving of their Holocaust – they never learn; a tribe of organ-harvesting, baby-eaters, who inspire the fair-minded and woke to declare “We’re all Hizbollah now” and “Hitler was right”; who do not circumcise boys to cement a Jewish covenant with God, but rather because these secretive Jews are child abusers, just as they were in medieval times when the blood libel falsely accused them of drinking Christian children’s blood; to cause the sane to march in fury at Israeli militarism but not at fighting and invasion by China, Pakistan, India, Russia, Yemen, Turkey, Iran, France, Myanmar and so on and on and on; to advance the 99% by smashing the windows of Jew-owned Starbucks; to be unable to see the most blatant anti-Semitism and acquiesce to vile and ludicrous Jew-baiting conspiracy theories.

But now all is good. Labour has declared that anti-Semitism is a sickness to be cleansed from the Left. Good luck with that. The Jew hatred grew in Labour and the Left’s weak heart. Jews were the answer to the millenarian hankering for answers at  a time of uncertainty. Anti-Semitism in Labour is born of the Left’s scrambling for direction and purpose. Just as Christianity needed Jews to define the darkness they had rejected, the Left’s moralists found in Jews the perfect group to monster and find guilty of every wrong in modern life. “No man is a prophet in his own land but an anti-Zionist Israeli is a hero in this one,” writes Howard Jacobson. “Our race can do anything but fail,” wrote one of the Montefiores to Benjamin Disraeli. I’d add: don’t succeed in too obvious a fashion, and always be the good Jew quick and ready to apologise for anything anyone in your community has done that the bien pensant don’t like.

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