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Arf, Arf – Nigel Farage’s Kids Have German Passports

by | 19th, April 2018

A lovely little story producing giggles among the Remainaiacs – Nigel Farage’s kids, the very kids of that arch anti-EU campaigner, have German passports. As well as their UK ones of course. This is, of course, producing more than a little mirth.

Nigel Farage has admitted two of his children have both British and German passports, which would allow them to take advantage of free movement rights post-Brexit, but insisted they feel British rather than European.

Nigel’s second wife is German, her children gain German citizenship that way. So far, so not funny. But that Farage’s second wife is German allows a little explanation of Ukip itself and the Leave campaign which led to Brexit. I can be trusted as a source on this, I used to work for Ukip, directly for Nigel, even stood as an MEP candidate for them.

We’ve no problem at all with Europe. In fact, rather like, even love, the place. The wines, the food, the people, the other countries, why not, many of them are fabulous (and then there’s Belgium of course, the rudest word in the known universe). Why wouldn’t we like all these things – and I speak as someone who lives in Portugal.

The European Union is something a little different. It’s a specific political system. This is one of the great tricks of those who support it of course, to insist that it’s all about “Europe.” Not so, Europe will exist with or without the EU. It would have existed if the Nazis had won, if the Soviet tanks had rolled over Nato, if Napoleon had won or lost, Europe simply is and will remain. The EU, as purely an invention as a system of government, less so.

So, Farage, myself, people like us, we’re not against the EU because we’re against Europe, we’re against the EU because we’re against the EU.

Or as we could put it – and I’ve not checked this with Nigel but then when I was ghostwriting for him I never did, I just told him what he’d said after it had been printed – we’ve nothing at all against bumping uglies with other Europeans, it’s just allowing the whole country to be fucked by the EU we’re against.

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