Anorak News | Students at Queen’s College, Oxford, are afraid of ‘contentious’ ideas

Students at Queen’s College, Oxford, are afraid of ‘contentious’ ideas

by | 4th, May 2018

Brendan O’Neill is speaking at Queen’s College, Oxford next week, and the college’s student organisation has sent out this bizarre warning. If you can’t have “contentious” discussion at a university, where can you have it?

All members of the  college can attend the Addison Society – if you’re brave enough to experience the power of words:


addison society dinner


The College prospectus tells us:

The JCR also has an Equalities Committee with officers to represent disabled students, international students, women, LGBT and BME students: these officers are available to provide support and advice for any students who feel they need it.

Why doesn’t the Equalities Committee simply represent everyone?

As well as providing confidential help, the welfare team for the JCR organise lots of events throughout term to keep everyone entertained and to give people a break from work – events in the past have included weekly yoga, zumba, a petting zoo, cake decorating, welfare brunches and self-defence classes!

Message to Brendan: don’t forget to take along some icing sugar, your best downward dog and Trigger the bunny-wunny. Or maybe not – we’re getting mixed messages:

Some colleges have pet cats and tortoises – here at Queen’s, we much prefer our friendly Boar’s head mounted on the wall of the JCR.


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