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What Does the Future of Online Gambling Have in Store?

by | 2nd, July 2018

What Does the Future of Online Gambling Have in Store?

Gambling online, especially casinos, are an increasingly established part of the UK gambling scene, and are attracting more people all the time. As the UK’s Gambling Commission reported in 2016, online gambling has eclipsed older forms like betting shops and the Lottery, generating £2.6 billion in revenue that year, a figure which has only grown since.

From figures like that, it would seem that the UK’s online casino sector is flourishing, but what does the future actually hold, and what can customers expect when they sign up to gamble online in the next few years? Much will happen the over next decade, that’s for sure!

Much due to that the UK market is getting crowded, and new gambling operators will have to bring something new to the table to be able to reach out. There are several promising fine tech start-ups with the vision to change the future of online gambling. The company launched a new dynamic and personalised casino platform, that for sure will be interesting to follow. went another way and focused on the approach towards customers with transparency and fairness, instead of the fine tech enhancement. Some focus on new innovative bonus rewards. Others stick to the old concept, and the questions is if they will survive this tough start-up climate.

So, what can we expect to see in the future?

VR is going to become mainstream

At the moment, some sites allow members to play card games with video croupiers, creating an immersive atmosphere which comes pretty close to classic casinos. But this kind of experience is going to look old fashioned fairly quickly.

VR has been promising to reshape casinos for a while, but real changes are on the horizon. Expect online casinos to create virtual lobbies where players can access their favourite games, as well as VR card tables where you’ll be able to interact with your fellow players.

Support will also be enhanced, with VR-trained staff on hand to advise members about the games on offer, how to stay safe, and how to experience everything the casino has to offer.

Get ready for a currency revolution

The other major trend in online casinos is the steady advance of crypto-currencies as a means of payment. Currencies like Bitcoin are likely to be favoured by gamers because they allow an unprecedented degree of anonymity (particularly in jurisdictions where laws make gambling difficult).

Crypto-currencies are also aiding in the globalisation of online casinos. Because they can be converted anywhere in the world at very little cost, they allow casinos to operate almost anywhere. And with no banks acting as middlemen, the cost of processing gambling transactions should be lower.

The only drawback is the air of suspicion surrounding these currencies. However, in places like the UK, we can expect legislation to normalise the use of crypto-currencies, and their extension to online casinos seems inevitable.

That’s not everything, of course. As mobile phones become more powerful, players can expect faster, more feature-rich user interfaces, and slots which pack in incredible amounts of audio and visual content. It might not pan out like this, of course, but the future is exciting and casinos which capitalise on these trends will be the ones we hear about in 5 years time.

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