Anorak News | Police log: man arrested for driving with monkey on his back

Police log: man arrested for driving with monkey on his back

by | 18th, July 2018

You can’t drink and drink, toke a spliff and drive, hold an apple and drive, eat a Pot Noodle and drive and more but you can be in possession of a monkey and drive. In the US an alleged car thief was accompanied by a monkey in a nappy sat on his back. Which of the two is the brains is not said, but the monkey doesn’t need a licence to dive so as far as the law is concerned, it’s blameless:


monkey driver cam

Hitching a ride


The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrested Cody Blake Hession for auto theft after he reportedly drove a stolen vehicle into a ditch in Holiday. Body camera footage showed Hession stepping out of the back of a sheriff’s patrol vehicle with Monk, his pet Capuchin monkey. Monk, wearing a leash and a diaper, clung to Hession’s shirt as officers spoke to him. The sheriff’s department said Monk was taken to the nearby Suncoast Primate Sanctuary because Hession did not yet have a permit for the monkey, which could potentially warrant additional charges. Responding officers gave Hession the opportunity to say his goodbyes to Monk before the monkey was loaded into an animal carrier. Hession can be heard telling officers that he’s had Monk for three years since the monkey was three days old. He said he got the animal from a breeder in South Carolina and told officers that there was no licensing or permitting required in that state. Hession implied he had recently moved back to Florida. At one point in the eight-minute clip, a woman approached Hession and accused him of stealing her car.

The monkey has been taken to a sanctuary.

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