Anorak News | Plane ride to spread father’s ashes ends in tragedy

Plane ride to spread father’s ashes ends in tragedy

by | 27th, August 2018

ashes  HANSON, MA Site of plane crash after two brothers scattered their father's ashes from the plane, Friday August 24, 2018 Photo courtesy Massachusetts State Police


This is one of those stories that we really, no really, shouldn’t giggle about. And yet it’s also one of those stories that it is impossible not to giggle about, at least a little.

So, the background. A few weeks back the father of these two brothers dies. No, that’s not funny. So, they have the funeral, the body is cremated and they take delivery of the ashes. No, that’s not funny either. Then the idea is that they fly up in a small plane so that they can spread the ashes over the countryide. Hey, if that’s what makes all happy why not?

Well, here’s why not:

One of two brothers on a flight to spread their father’s ashes died on Saturday after their small plane crashed in a pond in Massachusetts.

That’s really not a good outcome to this process:

Scott Landis, a National Guardsman from Hanson, was piloting a single-engine plane, ready to sprinkle his father’s ashes with his brother, when the plane’s engine lost power on takeoff and crashed into a pond, killing him and severely injuring his brother, according to friends and officials.

Yep, the brother who died was the pilot.

Don Conway, the Landis brothers’ uncle, told CBS Boston that the pair’s father died two weeks ago after battling cancer [agh!]. Scott Landis had apparently been on leave from the Army to memorialize his father by scattering his ashes when his untimely death occurred.

Nope, that’s not funny either, is it? Army pilot takes leave to sort out his father’s dying wish to spread his ashes and….well, yes, that does raise a giggle. Perhaps not a funny ha ha one but there’s something so dreadfully inapposite about it all that a snort of laughter at least is just what is going to happen. Yes, obviously, we feel for the rest of the family but still, it’s a punchline, isn’t it?

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