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Kyron Horman: 8 years of hapless policing and accusations

by | 30th, August 2018

We still don’t know what happened to Kyron Horman, the 7-year-old boy who vanished on June 4 2010. We’ve covered the story in depth – the hapless police to the fore. This month the missing child was remembered at Kyron’s Car Show held at the Golden Valley Brewery in Beaverton. The theme was child safety. But we don’t know if Kyron was unsafe. His last confirmed sighting as at his school in Portland as he posed with his science project. That a safe space, right?


kyron horman last photo



Since then: nothing. No sightings. No arrests. No new facts.

The press and police monstered Kyron’s step-mother, Terri Horman. Known as Terri Lynn Moulton since her divorce from Kyron’s father, she just remarried in Nevada. KGW says Terri married Jose De Jesus Vazquez Martinez on March 17 in Clark County, Nevada. She’s now Terri Vazquez. Oregon Live reports: “Authorities have said she was the last person to see then-7-year-old Kyron before he went missing from his school in Northwest Portland in June 2010.” Not exactly. She was last person we know to have seen him.

Such is the level of reporting on a case where the police kept a closed mind.

But something is coming. Kyron Horman’s mother says “something big is coming”. Desiree Young, for it is she, “has long stated her belief that the boy’s former stepmother, Terri Horman, was responsible for his disappearance”. Belief? What of the facts?

There is a $50,000 reward offered for information. Someone knows. Someone always knows.

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