Anorak News | Police Taser gives boy a heart attack in Coventry

Police Taser gives boy a heart attack in Coventry

by | 2nd, September 2018

In the US they still kill prisoners by electrocution.  The last use of the chair was on January 16, 2013, when Robert Gleason, Jr., picked the electric chair over death by lethal injection. In the UK, the death penalty is not an option. But the law can still fire a Taser that zaps your body with up to 50,000 volts of power. Senior police officers say there is “an increased risk of cardiac arrhythmia and barb penetration in children and thin adults”. Ooomph! The metal punctures the skin – like being shot, right? – and the electricity gives your heart a kicking.

But it’s completely harmless. Really. The City of London police tell us:

Amps can vary in size, to put this into context no more than 13 amps are needed to power a kettle. 32 amps are usually found running around a typical house. Two to three amps are enough to cause a person some harm. Taser runs on considerably less at 0.0021 amps

At the science museum they had a Van de Graaff generator which the public were invited to touch. The generator had in excess of 1 million volts going through it. When the glass ball was touched it caused the persons hair to stand on end. They were able to do this safely because there were no amps carried by the volts.

Good-oh. Unless you die shortly after being Tasered, as some people have done. Police have fired on patients in mental health hospitals. And now to the latest news. Yesterday, police Tasered a 17-year-old in Coventry. He went into cardiac arrest.

West Midlands Police tells everyone:

“A 17-year-old was Tasered in an effort to detain him, but immediately required CPR as he went into cardiac arrest.”

They saved his life!

The boy and three other youths were detained on suspicion of violent disorder and assaulting a police officer. You might wonder which party was the more violent?


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