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Serena Williams: anti-bigots should just blame all men

by | 14th, September 2018

The anti-bigots should be out in force when Carlos Ramos umpires his first tennis match since being outed as a “liar”, “thief” and “sexist” by Serena Williams as she lost the US Open final to another woman. To the anti-bigots seeking intolerance in a muon of dust, any criticism of feted, multi-multi-millionaire Williams is misogynistic and most likely racist. It’s not she who is privileged and punching down when she threw a tantrum, it is Ramos, who in his role as umpire sat in his lifeguard’s chair who holds the real power. (A top tennis umpire earns around £50,000 a year; Williams earned a £1m for losing one match).



Katrina Adams, president of the US Tennis Association, understood that. Having bravely stood up for Williams in the face of Ramos’ mighty power, she late opined of tennis, “There’s no equality.” True enough. There were 86 code violations handed out to male players at the 2018 US Open, and 22 to women. As noted: “Now, a more detailed analysis of the past 20 years of grand-slam events has revealed a long-term split of 1,534 to 526.” Horrendous, says the bigot hunters. Why can’t these unreconstructed sexists treat women as equals? Umpires must be guilty of overlooking female tennis players’ rule breaking because they think women can’t take it and will cry or feint – a craven agenda that damns women as the weaker sex.

The only area of violations where women tennis players out-perform men is when it comes to coaching. In this area, women are almost twice as likely as men to be censured.

When Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou was caught coaching her from the seats, he was on trend. Yeah. Patrick’s a man. And:

Some have overbearing father-coaches, such as Carolina Garcia’s father Louis-Paul, who kept signalling to her during last year’s Wimbledon

Men are keeping women needy and insecure. Can we just blame the patriarchy for Williams’ hissy fit (surely righteous, fearless stand – ed)?

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