Anorak News | Police investigators need to be whiter than white in deciding if ‘whiter than white is racist’

Police investigators need to be whiter than white in deciding if ‘whiter than white is racist’

by | 17th, September 2018

Is “whiter than white” racist? Moreover, does saying “whiter than white” make you a racist? A senior Scotland Yard policeman who used the phrase “whiter than white” in an internal briefing to colleagues is being investigated. Surprisingly, the copper was not being sarcastic when he said police carrying out inquiries needed to be “whiter than white”. He did not tap his nose. But someone didn’t like it. They complained to the Met. And the Met being scalding hot on all kinds of thought crimes, passed it onto the police watchdog for investigation.

The senior copper is now on restricted duties while the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigates the matter. It can take anything up to 12 months. They should then investigate why Star Wars baddies are on the ‘Dark Side’, how Labour “whitewashed” it’s antisemitism and how Snow White was a bigot.

The IOPC states: “I can confirm that as part of Operation Embley into allegations of serious corruption and malpractice within the Directorate of Professional Standards a notice of investigation has been served on an officer informing them we are investigating the alleged use of language deliberately intended to offend and that had racist undertones. A notice is issued to inform an officer at the earliest opportunity following an allegation and to safeguard their interests. It in no way indicates that misconduct proceedings will take place.”

Operation Embley is being called the “largest police corruption inquiry since Operation Countryman in the late 1970s”, which wanted it so that the Met “catches more crooks than it employs”.

The Times explains:

Three Met whistleblowers have approached the IOPC to allege that the unit, known as the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS), has shielded police officers who faced allegations of child abuse, grooming, fraud, physical assault, racism — and, in the case of one police officer, intentionally driving a motorcycle into a member of the public.

Senior Met sources said the DPS had long been suspected of covering up corruption in an attempt to protect colleagues and prevent reputational damage to the force.

The investigation, codenamed Operation Embley, will attempt to bring successful prosecutions in the murkiest area of policing, popularised in the BBC drama Line of Duty.

If we trust no-one and everyone is a suspect, are we pulling up an armchair and wondering why the “whiter than white” case is news now, when the investigation began in June? Is the aim to present us with the most absurd case and thereby ridicule the whole thing? If it is like Jed Mercurio’s Line of Duty, whose writing the script..?

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