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Madeleine McCann: Amaral maybes plus Grange possibles equal a fresh appal

by | 24th, September 2018

More on what the Sun calls the “MADDIE FUND CRISIS” as missing Madeleine McCann’s mum, Kate McCann, calls time on a store set up to raise money to fund the search for her disappeared daughter. Says Kate McCann:

“Unfortunately due to many commitments and pressures, I am unable at this time to attend to website orders. We greatly appreciate your support. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to Madeleine’s Fund through our Online Store (donations can still be made via one of the methods below). Your support means a lot to us. Your kindness and generosity is no less appreciated however and continues to buoy us up. Thank you again.”

This is seen a “fresh blow” because someone has claimed that public donations to the Maddie Fund have fallen to “virtually zero”. Why are they telling us this? Why is it news? And it is news on pretty much every mainstream newspaper’s website:

An unnamed “source” tells the Sun: ‘The idea that money is still flooding in is just wrong. Donations dried up a long time ago. At times the story comes into the news a few kind people send in a quid or two but their is nothing of any real value.” Who thought money was flooding in to the McCanns’ fund?

Are we hearing this because, reportedly, the police investigation, Operation Grange, is running low on money? The other part of the recent Maddie news is that if the Met shelves the investigation, the McCanns will use money in the fund to continue the search. The third part of the recent news blast is that Goncalo Amaral, the former Portuguese police detective, could sue the McCanns and take what money there is for himself. Maybe.

So is that about raising awareness for the missing child, assuring readers that the McCanns are not minted and that the innocent child needs the help of a well-funded police force if she is to be found?

Meanwhile, the facts are unchanged: child vanished. No suspects. No arrests. No concrete proof that a crime occurred. But lots of ‘news’…

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