Anorak News | Meng Hongwei: Missing head of Interpol found in Chinese prison

Meng Hongwei: Missing head of Interpol found in Chinese prison

by | 7th, October 2018

Panic over. The head of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, has been found. He’s in a Chinese jail being investigated by the country’s anti-corruption body. His crimes are “unspecified”.

Meng, how has gone missing while on a tip to his native China, resigned from the presidency of Interpol today. Interpol are not thought to be investigating an event that appears to be right up its street. And as ever, the more powerful the suspects, the more dilatory the police response. What looks like the State-sponsored kidnapping of a leading figure representing an international public service is fine; get spotted DWB (driving whilst black) and you’re nicked.

It’s not very rare for China to lock people up for things the details of which are sketchy.

When the actress Fan Bingbing re-emerged, having vanished in China in July, she issued a public apology for tax evasion and any other offences [insert list here]. Expect Meng to be very apologetic very soon, and thereby mitigate the need for more intense forms of questioning.

Looking on, China’s getting a bit like the West in this race to purge the landscape. PC (Police China) is rewriting history. Had Fan Bingbing not apologised, chances are she’d have been airbrushed out of all her films. It’s zero tolerance the world over…


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