Anorak News | Londoners tell Shamima Begum ‘You’re taking the piss’

Londoners tell Shamima Begum ‘You’re taking the piss’

by | 27th, February 2019

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Do you want to live next door to Shamima Begum? Would you feel good about yourself if you did, tucked in at night knowing you’re the kind the person who believes in giving her a second chance? Al Jazeera says residents in Begum’s old Bethnal Green stomping ground “feel under intense scrutiny”. They’re victims. Of what is uncertain, but Al Jazeera is on the hunt for them.

The area is described as a “neighbourhood with a history of migration and activism”. Blessedly, Begum chose to be active not in London E2 or Manchester but Syria, where she went to fight for ISIS, a group active in rape, decapitation, torture, slavery and the kind of armed fascism Nazis enjoyed. Dishing out pamphlets by Mile End Tube and marching down Colombia Road are not her bag. Although, as one Guardian journalist wrote at the time of Begum’s journey, joining ISIS is a bit like switching from Boyzone to Blur. A point validated when Damon Alban declared jihad on Oasis and their apologists.

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A local tells Al Jazeera: “But as a British Bangladeshi parent, how can we tell our children they’re just as British as anyone else when you see the government effectively saying this girl is not?”

The Standard doesn’t hear anyone who wants to live close to Begum. “Shamima Begum’s neighbours say she should not be allowed to return to UK,” says the London free sheet. “Jihadi bride Shamima Begum’s neighbours says the 19-year-old is lying about wanting to change her ways to get back into Britain and should be punished,” says the Mail. The Express thunders: “Shamima Begum: Neighbours warn ISIS bride should NOT return – ‘It would be DANGEROUS’.” Not for her. For us.

The Times heads to Bethnal Green to gage views. It hears no-one who wants her back. Shamima Begum stands for no-one but herself. There is no fear of the State and persecution of Muslims, only fear of her:

Moulana Abdul Malik, 51, imam at the Baitul Aman mosque near where Ms Begum grew up, said he welcomed Sajid Javid’s move [Home Secretary Javid revoked her British citizenship], questioning her sincerity. “It might not really be in her heart. People who are brainwashed may not have changed their habits — those who go to extremism will not change. We think the decision taken by the Home Office was correct. I’m worried if Shamima Begum does return, she might influence other people. It would be dangerous for other young people.”

At the Burhan Uddin mosque Mustafa Nehreen, 53, said he would rather she face punishment in the UK and for those close to her take responsibility for her radicalisation. “Anybody in IS, there must be punishment… but I don’t know about removing citizenship. Father and mother, her neighbours, her teachers, there’s the responsibility.”

A 30-year-old man who attended the same mosque for afternoon prayers said he thought removing Ms Begum’s citizenship was “the right decision”. The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “She’s taking the piss. She’s not saying, ‘I’ve been groomed, it was a mistake.’ She only wants to come home for the NHS, for the healthcare. It would have been so different had she said, ‘I’ve done wrong, I’ve seen wrong.’ If I was the government I wouldn’t trust her. Not one of us disagree with what [it] has done.”

Ha. Isn’t that great. That huge balloon of guff about division, fear and the surge of the Far-Right is punctured by one bloke saying Begum’s “taking the piss”. How very British.

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