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Brexit: our elites are the best in the world

by | 5th, April 2019

Lots of chuntering about the UK’s “elites” stitching up the Leave-voting electorate over Brexit. Admiration for the elites’ behaviour is deserved.

Our elites are probably the best elites in the world. Other nation’s elites stop elections ever happening, jail dissenters or befriend Vladimir Putin. The UK’s elites are able to square democracy with trying to overturn the result of the Referendum. No riots. No strikes. No need to wear flat shoes in the Kremlin. Just lots of telly. Give these people a Bafta for giving us TV the nation can coalesce around.

Not everyone is impressed, however. The top people at Spiked lambaste our Great British elites. “Democracy and liberty must be protected against the out-of-control elites,” they say. But you don’t really get elites being under anyone else’s control. Elitism demands top billing.

The debate is tortuous, the language tautologous. But the elites never change.

Half a yard onward!

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