Anorak News | The Green Shirts are back and they want your unborn children

The Green Shirts are back and they want your unborn children

by | 24th, July 2019

Have you signed up to the BirthStrike movement, the brainchild of Blythe Pepino? The premise is simple: you’ll have no children. The Chinese policy of no more than one child per couple (boy-girl) did not go far enough. The correct number of children is zero. BirthStrike, loosely affiliated to the Extinction Rebellion franchise, say ‘No Children for you’. Not that BirthStrike is here to dictate. Their mission is presented as a reasoned response to the coming “climate breakdown and civilisation collapse”. “Even with drastic, draconian, eugenic policies of population reduction – which are completely immoral,” says Pepino, “we wouldn’t save ourselves. We have to change the way we live.” You choice. Chose wisely.

So are you going to have children? What many see as a duty to God or a biological need is now politicised. Now you get to vote with your genes. As if women didn’t already have it hard enough, now this.

“You are gambling with someone else’s life,” said Cody Harrison, a 29-year-old who recently joined the group. “If things don’t go well, that human is not going to have a very good life. When climate change gets worse, it multiplies other things. It’s like dominoes that are falling,” said Lori Day, another member of BirthStrike. “It goes beyond sea level rise and storms. It affects food production, migration, resources and war.”

What if your child is the one who invents how to extract energy from sea water? What if you’re trying to stop nature? What if:

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