Anorak News | Carl Beech sentenced to 18 years – he should sue the police

Carl Beech sentenced to 18 years – he should sue the police

by | 26th, July 2019

Carl beech

Can Carl Beech count himself unlucky that his claims to have witnessed the rape and murders of children at the hands of VIP paedophiles, including one former prime minister, were taken seriously by the police? He’s been haded an 18-year prisoner term for perverting the course of justice, fraud, and several child sexual offences. Sentencing him, Justice Goss said: “I’m quite satisfied that you are an intelligent, resourceful, manipulative and devious person.”

Circumspection, evidence and basic fact checking were absent from the police’s reaction to Beech’s claims of murder in the 1970s and 1980s. Instead of questioning his ex-wife (she said he never once mentioned being tortured by VIPs during their 20-year marriage; and he had no scars) or school peers (Beech claimed a schoolboy named ‘Scott’ was killed in a revenge attack by the powerful paedo ‘ring’; former classmates said that was untrue), Scotland Yard set up Operation Midland, an investigation under the umbrella of its inquiry into historical abuse, Operation Fairbank. They thought Beech a “credible and true” witness. They found not a shred of evidence to support Beech’s claims. No-one was arrested. It cost £2m. And many people’s lives were badly damaged.


So the question is: had the police done their jobs properly, would Beech have gone down for such a long stretch? Did police and politicians collude to enable the perverted fantastic to thrive – Beech is a convicted paedophile? Might he appeal..?

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