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Jewish Chronicle newspaper goes bust

by | 8th, April 2020

Jewish Chronicle newspaper goes bust

The Jewish Chronicle, aka The JC, is seeking a creditors voluntary liquidation of Jewish Chronicle Newspapers Ltd. The oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in the world has gone bust. It was once part of every British Jew’s life, an integral part of things that Jews did.

The paper says (on its website, natch.):

Despite the heroic efforts of the editorial and production team at the newspaper, it has become clear that the Jewish Chronicle will not be able to survive the impact of the current coronavirus epidemic in its current form.

The liquidation is expected to be finalised in the coming 2 to 3 weeks and every effort will be made to ensure that the paper continues to be published over this period and the website continues to provide regular updates.

The Kessler Foundation, owners of the Jewish Chronicle, are actively working to secure a future for the Jewish Chronicle after the liquidation. Further announcements regarding this will be made in the coming days.

One problem for the JC is that you can get the Israel news anywhere on the web. And thumbnail pics of so-and-so’s Bar Mitzvah now live on an Instagram Page. And why pay for something you can get for free on the web? Where’s the added value?

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