Anorak News | The Communist Party of China is lying about coronavirus but the Left only cares about Boris Johnson

The Communist Party of China is lying about coronavirus but the Left only cares about Boris Johnson

by | 18th, April 2020

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All those graphs showing the death rates by country for Coronavirus Covid-19 are bunkum. In Belgium, any deaths thought to be from the virus are counted as deaths from the virus. In Germany dying with the virus is not counted if you did not die from the virus. And in the UK only deaths of people who tested positive are counted. In China they just make it up.

A local government taskforce in Wuhan charged with virus prevention added 1,290 fatalities to the city’s toll, taking the confirmed count to 3,869 from a previously reported 2,579. Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, suffered more fatalities than any other city in China as residents struggled get help from its overwhelmed medical system.

Hold your nose, this stinks:

“Medical workers at some facilities might have been preoccupied with saving lives and there existed delayed reporting, underreporting or misreporting, but there has never been any cover-up and we do not allow cover-ups,” said China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian at a news briefing in Beijing.

And anyone who says there’s been a cover up will not say it twice.

A second Chinese citizen journalist who had been covering China’s deadly coronavirus outbreak from its epicenter in Wuhan has gone missing just days after the disappearance of Chen Qiushi, a former rights lawyer who was video blogging from the city.

Fang Bin, a Wuhan businessman who had been posting videos filmed from city hospitals, was allegedly arrested on Sunday (Feb. 9, link in Chinese), according to Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK, the same day he posted a 12-second video of a piece of paper with the words “resist all citizens, hand the power of the government back to the people” written on it, which he read aloud. RTHK, which didn’t name its source, said that plain-clothes police officers accompanied by fire fighters broke down Fang’s door to enter his flat.

Meanwhile in the UK, the agenda-driven media is looking at the wrong story and its Gotcha! moment:

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