Anorak News | RyanAir sent this greedy email to customers who asked for a refund for flights cancelled over Covid-19

RyanAir sent this greedy email to customers who asked for a refund for flights cancelled over Covid-19

by | 21st, April 2020

RyanAir have found a new way to make life harder for the poor sods who pay the airline money. If your flight was cancelled due to Covid-19, you were offered a full refund. Just go the RyanAir website, punch in your details and the refund would be yours. Or not. Because RyanAir has ignored its own refund option and instead issued vouchers. Here’s their mealy-mouthed email in full. Bear in mind they have your money in their bank account and did not deliver the goods or services you paid for. In short: you RyanAir customers have all become investors in RyanAir.

Ryanair Group Customer Care (Ryanair DAC, Lauda & Malta Air)

Our Ref: ********

Dear Customer,

Over the past months the spread of the Covid-19 virus has caused many EU governments to impose flight and/or travel bans which grounded over 99% of Ryanair’s flights. We are doing everything we can to support our customers, our people and protect jobs. We are ready to return flying when Covid-19 is defeated, hopefully sooner rather than later.

We regret that these Government travel restrictions have forced the cancellation of your Ryanair flight(s) under booking reference:: *******.

Please see below details of your travel voucher for ****.**GBP, the full value of your unused booking. This amount can be used for the purchase of Ryanair flights and other services at any time over the next 12 months. It is simple to use this voucher when making a booking on the Ryanair website or app.

Click on the below link to accept your voucher.

Voucher Name:   ***** ********
Voucher Number:   ****************
Voucher Value:   ****.**GBP
Voucher Expiry Date:   20/April/2021
If you do not wish to accept this voucher option and wish to move your flight or request a refund, please click here to contact us. Please note that as our customer care agents are required to work from home to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus, payment security restrictions prevent us from processing refunds as quickly as we would like to.

We invite you to use your voucher to book your next trip and we look forward to seeing you again on a Ryanair flight in the near future. Passengers who made their bookings using travel agents, or on line travel agencies should contact these companies from where they purchased their tickets to find out more about their options.

Our priority always remains the health and well-being of our people and customers.

Yours sincerely,

Ryanair Group Customer Care (Ryanair DAC, Lauda & Malta Air)

You click the link NOT to accept their voucher and you get:

RyanAir voucher Covid-19

But I don’t want to use my voucher, you say. I want my money.

You scroll down the page looking for the bit about getting your refund.

RyanAir voucher Covid-19
RyanAir voucher Covid-19
RyanAir voucher Covid-19

And at the bottom of the page, finally you get news on the refund:

RyanAir voucher Covid-19

Can I receive a cash refund instead of voucher?

You can request a cash refund however bear in mind we will place your request in the cash refund queue until the COVID-19 emergency has passed. We highly recommend using the refund voucher as these are readily available and you can book flights on all Ryanair Group airlines in over 200 destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

But you already did request the refund.

A typical email from RyanAir from March 2020. You applied for the refund but didn’t get a refund. Instead you got offered a voucher with a 12 months expiration date.

But RyanAir says you still need to do it but now doesn’t tell you how to. But if you DM them on twitter of message them on Facebook you can at least log your details and ask for a refund.

RyanAir – finding news ways to make your life more difficult.

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