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Clap for Cummings and the lockdown breakers

by | 25th, May 2020

Was Boris Johnson’s successful in shutting don the story that his top handler Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown rules when he drove from London to Durham? No. The story is the lead on every national newspaper, save for the Daily Star. Let’s being with the name calling. Cummings is a “cheat” says the Mirror. He’s like 29% of us who broke the lockdown. Should be clap for them, the people who want to get on with their lives?

He’s a “Svengali”, says the Mail. Johnson is a “coward” says the Mirror. “What Planet Are They On?” asks the Mail. Cummings “violated the spirit and letter of the lockdown,” says the Mail‘s editorial. He’s “given every selfish person a licence to play fast and loose with public health”.

Johnson’s office says Cummings “has acted responsibly, legally and with integrity”.

And on and on it goes, pages of polemic and dissection on whether a man should have driven 200-odd miles with his wife when they were both ill with coronavirus and wanted to be closer to family in case they could not care for their young child. No crime was committed.

So what’s the fuss. Man in power is a hypocrite? Well, d’uh. If that’s the benchmark, sack ’em all.

Do some people want Brexit mastermind Cummings defenestrated because the want revenge for losing the referendum. Do they see a Cabinet rife with mediocrities and want the man who picks them out – the tedious and witless Gavin Williamson is the education secretary, existing as proof to pupils that so long as you keep you writing between the lines and have a good attendance record you can be chalk monitor? Or is it because newspapers can’t get a grip on Covid-19 – they’re unable to hook any agenda or campaign to it, and are relieved and delighted that finally they have something to give them a sense of purpose? Sack Dom or clap for Dom. Pick a side and run with it. Meanwhile…the elderly wait for God.

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