Anorak News | Meet adult baby and nappy enthusiast Damien Turner

Meet adult baby and nappy enthusiast Damien Turner

by | 31st, August 2020

Dave: if you’re a cosy fit, will pamper you

The pandemic has been good for people who prefer to work from home. You get to stay in your pyjamas, at least from the waist up if you’re on Zoom; have the radio on; and use your own toilet. If you’re Damien Turner, 28, from West Virginia, you can even get to go to the toilet in your nappy.

Says Dave, a member of the ABDL community: “Gag-ga-go-toy-toy.” Or to put it through Goo-Goo-Google Translate: “Diapers are very convenient, comfortable, and cute. It’s a very nice lifestyle and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

He goes on: “Dressing and acting like a baby gives off a very calm, relaxing, safe vibe. It’s almost as if you were back in preschool without a worry in the world. Employment is hard. I’m constantly in and out of jobs. Sometimes my employers find my pictures online or just can’t put up with the fact I’m wearing a diaper and acting childish in the workplace.”

Drooling is ok, we art Anorak are pretty col with that. Scrawling on walls, yes, that too. Pooping your pants, less so. Also tantrums, strops, meltdowns and eating large green candles of thick snot straight from source are not much liked.

“I’ve lost a few childhood best friends,” adds Dave, most likely losing them when they starting shaving and mutated into adults. Although if Dave’s patient he might hook up with some old faces again when incontinence strikes.

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