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Soup and Shakes to fight the calorie counting hordes

by | 2nd, September 2020

When all else fails, attack fat people. It’ll take more than prodding to get the chubsters into shape. And the Guardian says, “It’ll take more than a soup-and-shakes diet plan to tackle obesity in the UK.” Such is the demonising of fat people you wonder why border patrols haven’t yet introduces a Hole In the Wall-style admissions policy. If you can slide though the right-sized gap, you can enter the UK.; if you can’t you can head to the USA. As the Telegraph notes, Britons “more likely to ‘fat-shame’ obese people than Americans.” That’s the power of guns for you – plus memories of the Dust Bowl and potato famine. A nation of immigrants remembers why it arrived, and over a stack of pancakes and syrup vows never to return.

Julian Baggini is unimpressed with all that ready grub. He wants to tell us about the “twin scourges of processed foods and food poverty”.

The human body is such a homeostatic, self-regulating system. Deprive it of calories and it starts to burn fewer of them, and tries to horde away any excess as fat. So all the time the dieter is congratulating themselves on their weight loss, their body is wondering what the hell is going on, and doing all it can to reverse it.

Hordes of calories – the one attacking your dinner plate?

‘Hordes of fat’?

…we have lots of evidence that people get fatter when they eat more highly processed foods, especially refined carbohydrates. They are also slimmer when they eat more home-cooked meals. So a serious anti-obesity strategy would require the government to take on the food industry’s promotion of highly processed foods.

He supports the government controlling what you can put inside your own body. To become the correct shape he wants “controls on business and greater redistribution of wealth”. Limit choice and the proles will thank their betters. One size fits all.

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