Anorak News | Christopher Killick: man sentenced for voyeurism in a story that terrifies

Christopher Killick: man sentenced for voyeurism in a story that terrifies

by | 4th, September 2020

In 2015 Emily Hunt woke up in a strange room with a stranger beside her. She was naked. She had not recollection of how she got there. She had never met him before. Five years on and Christoper Killick has been sentenced for voyeurism. His crime was to have filmed his naked and unconscious victim and kept the footage on his phone to masturbate to later. She thinks he drugged and raped her. The Crown Prosecution Service did not pursue that line of enquiry due to what they saw as lack of evidence. Also in the hotel room in London was a rucksack containing “condoms, Viagra and what was thought to be the hallucinogenic drug LSD”, says the Sun. Used condoms were found in the room.

At Stratford Magistrates’ Court, Killick was not sent to prison. He was ordered to pay £2,180 in fines and court costs. He must pay £5,000 in compensation to his victim. He must never try to contact her. He must undertake a 30 month community order, including completing the Horizon program to develop victim empathy skills and 30 days of rehab activity to perform as directed. But he’s free to walk the streets.

“I am very pleased with the sentence passed by the court today and the powerful comments made by the judge,” she says. “The recognition that this was a serious sexual offence, and the acknowledgement of the devastating impact it has had on my life, is the most important thing to me. It is appalling that it has taken five years of fighting to get to this point. I hope that in future no other victim of a sexual offence has to go through what I have experienced.”

Filming a partner during sex without consent is voyeurism. Until this year the CPS had stated filming someone naked in a private room did not constitute an offence if they had consented to being looked at naked. But Emily Hunt had no recollection of having given consent. She did recognise the man beside her. It’s a truly sinister story.

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