Anorak News | Beneden school discovers black history with confused results

Beneden school discovers black history with confused results

by | 25th, October 2020

Off to speak to the gels at their posho school. Why do children from wealthy families bother to attend? It’s not for the need to get good scores in maths, work and gain employment, surely. Terribly vulgar all that CV writing. It’s abut social modelling, belonging to an elite and breeding the next genertion of Beneden gels and Eton toffs. So we’re off to Kent, to listen to the headmistress of Beneden explain and apologise for talking about black people:

The headmistress at a top boarding school has “unreservedly apologised” for using the word “negro” in an assembly as a wave of protests by black pupils against “white privilege” sweeps across schools at the end of Black History Month.

Samantha Price, 46, headmistress at Benenden, the Kent girls’ boarding school where Princess Anne was a pupil, was explaining to pupils the origins of the month in 1926. At the time it was, according to Wikipedia, called “Negro History Week” in America, she said.

Some of the senior girls protested about her use of the word, fearing that other pupils would think they were also entitled to use a word some find as offensive as the n-word.

The senior gels think the younger gels will hear the word “negro” and think it’s ok to use it? The n-word is now more noticeable by its rarity of use – its what makes it newsworthy – that it’s use in everyday parlance, especially to demean and abuse.

Note: Samantha Price is not black. But she is studying the matter.

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