Anorak News | Whack A Mink – 10 million Danish Mink rise again

Whack A Mink – 10 million Danish Mink rise again

by | 26th, November 2020

Over 10 million mink have been culled in Denmark. The Danes found that the ambulatory fur coats carried a mutation of the Covid-19 virus. The Chinese eat bats. The Danes breed vermin. Who could suspect things would go wrong?

The Telegraph says offed mink have been spotted popping up from their graves. So let’s grab a spade and play Whack a Mink:

As if the Danish government’s rushed decision to cull and bury more than 10 million minks wasn’t a grisly enough story, thousands of the animals’ bloated cadavers have begun to re-emerge from their shallow graves.

The phenomenon was reported by Denmark’s state broadcaster DR on Tuesday after mink carcasses were spotted popping up to the surface at a mass burial site at a military training field on Sunday.

“It is an extraordinary situation,” Thomas Kristensen, a press officer with Denmark’s National Police, which is responsible for the mink burials, told state broadcaster DR.

“In connection with the decay, gasses form, which cause the whole thing to expand a little, and then in the worst case they get pushed out of the ground.”

“It seems like no one really knows the consequences of this,” Susan Münster of the Danish water board told Jyllands Posten. “I must confess I find it worrying.” 

Anyone not find it worrying? It’s like a Guy N. Smith novel made real.

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