Anorak News | How many died when EU politicised the safe AstraZeneca vaccine?

How many died when EU politicised the safe AstraZeneca vaccine?

by | 18th, March 2021


Is it safe to assume that people did not benefit for the EU’s crass and political decision to ban the AstraZeneca vaccine, the wonks and bureaucrats leaving 7m does of the life-saving drug in fridges rather than the arms of the people it serves? If it wasn’t beneficial, then was the decision detrimental? Did people die and get seriously ill because the EU first dithered to order vaccines and then used wobbly figures and hunches to bolster its power? Surely the answer is yes, they did.

EU regulators at the EMA say that after a “thorough and careful review” people can have confidence in the vaccine’s benefits and should get immunised, despite some countries pausing use. But damage has been done. The EU has told everyone last week the vaccine was dangerous.

So what triggered the panic? In the UK, there were five cases of cerebral sinus vein thrombosis (CSVT) – all men – among 11 million people who have received the vaccine. One person died. The EMA zone recorded 13 reports of CSVT. But not link between CSVT can the vaccine has been established. you can get it, if you’re unlucky.

EMA executive director, Emer Cooke, goes on the record:

“Drawing attention to these possible rare conditions and providing information to health care professionals and vaccinated people will help to spot and mitigate any possible side effects.”

If you get the jab and suffer a server headache for four days, call your GP. If you refuse the jab and get ill, it might be an emergency medic you end up trying to talk to through a tube.

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