Anorak News | Keir Starmer apologies for meeting Christians at Easter

Keir Starmer apologies for meeting Christians at Easter

by | 6th, April 2021


Keir Starmer has apologised for spending part of this Easter weekend visiting a church in Brent, London, run by Christians who think homosexuality is a sin. It can be dangerous to literally demonise homosexuality, the right for people to love. Because gay sex is love. But that’s religion for you: it does so like rules and judgement. The¬†Guardian reported: “Keir Starmer criticised over visit to church where pastor opposed same-sex marriage.” Look out for similar headlines with ‘church’ replaced by any other type of orthodox house of worship. Starmer¬†apologised. He removed the video of his visit. “I apologise for the hurt my visit caused,” said Starmer. By which token, where should he visit – and do garden centres all want him there?

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