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What is Double Ball Roulette, and How to Play it?

by | 26th, September 2023

What is Double Ball Roulette, and How to Play it?

Double Ball roulette is a more recent addition to the online roulette industry, and it is now offered at a limited number of gaming websites. Felt Gaming developed this online roulette implementation, while Evolution Gaming is responsible for the live roulette implementation. The designers of Double Ball, a roulette game, clearly spent a lot of time perfecting the game’s visuals and including novel game play elements.

Double Ball Roulette: What is it?

A European roulette wheel would be used for games of double ball roulette, meaning that the same low house edge observed in European roulette would apply. If you’re interested in playing this kind, it’s not a good idea to visit casino in the area. Instead, you could check out some of the best online casino, where you have a better chance of finding double ball.

How does double-ball roulette work?

Due to the addition of a second ball to the roulette wheel, the less common double-ball roulette is also one of the most novel varieties. It takes some time to understand since all the odds are adjusted to account for that. Inside bets provide the gambler twice as much of a chance to win as outside bets, but the payoff is lower than in regular roulette. 

All inside bets are paid out if any of the two balls falls into the corresponding slot. However, things change if you want to make an outside bet, in which case you’ll need both balls to win in order to collect.

Live Double Ball Roulette

Many online casinos also provide a live dealer version of Double Ball Roulette. Those who like dabbling in live casino games agree that the live performance is equally impressive. You may start playing right away by loading a game, entering your nickname, and placing your initial wager. The live version of the game is identical to the random number generator version.

In Double Ball Roulette, What Are the Winning Strategies?

The rules of Double Ball Roulette deviate in important ways from those of regular roulette. The ball is not rolled in traditional land-based casino roulette. Instead, participants use a remote control to fire a shot at the bell. The air gun on the remote propels the ball into motion.

There are two balls instead of one, which is a significant change. For any outside wagers to pay off, both balls must come out on top. To win a bet on black, for instance, both balls must fall on black. 

When placing an inside bet, you may choose either ball to come out on top. When betting on the inside, the payoff increases for a double-win. Finally, if you gamble on the Double Ball Jackpot, you only win if both balls fall on your selected number.


When it comes to casino games, roulette is as old and basic as it gets. Even while regulars will benefit from the familiarity, after a while, the thrill may begin to wear off. When interest in one version of a game wanes, it may be time to try something new. If you can’t locate any of the versions described here in a casino near you, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to discover them online.

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