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Would be Tube fare-dodger caught by the penis


The last time anyone of note vaulted the turnstiles on the London Underground, they were on their way to shoot an innocent man in the head. So it could have … (read more)

Posted: 3rd, January 2018 | In: News, Strange But True | Comment

Liverpool balls: Coutinho is determined to join Barcelona

Philippe Coutinho wants to leave Liverpool for Barcelona as soon as possible. The Times says Coutinho “believes that he has played his last game for Liverpool”. Not that belief is as … (read more)

Posted: 3rd, January 2018 | In: Back pages, Liverpool, News, Sports | Comment

Manchester United balls: Neville blames everyone but Mourinho for Manchester City’s rise

On Twitter, Gary Neville, Sky Sports’ one-man schedule filler, has been talking about how Manchester United’s dullsville team are not of football mercenary Jose Mourinho’s making. When not winning friends … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, January 2018 | In: Back pages, Manchester City, manchester united, Sports | Comments (3)

Media bias: Arsenal are robbed by West Bromwich Albion’s deserved penalty

Biased footballer reporting is very much in evidence in match reports on West Bromwich Albion’s 1–1 draw with Arsenal. Having taken the lad with an 83rd minute own goal, the … (read more)

Posted: 1st, January 2018 | In: Arsenal, Back pages, News, Sports | Comments (2)

Greens attack Amir Khan over desecrated Christmas tree

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Like you, I like baubles, tinsel and Bruce Willis wiggling through an air vent.



But Amir Khan rejoices in hate. The boxer recently seen … (read more)

Posted: 21st, December 2017 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids | Comment

Ryan ToysReview: meet the 6-year-old YouTube multi-millionaire


Ryan is 6 and the host of Ryan ToysReview on YouTube. Last year he earned – get this – $11 million. Yah, and The Washington Post:
What has grown into a … (read more)

Posted: 11th, December 2017 | In: Money | Comment

Biased balls: Everton’s masterplan, Liverpool make a point and Crystal Palace and Bournemouth adjudged

Biased balls: a look at one0eyed football reporting.

Liverpool drew 1-1 with Everton in the Merseyside derby. A goal to the good courtesy of Mohamed Salah’s opener, Liverpool were hauled back … (read more)

Posted: 10th, December 2017 | In: Back pages, Liverpool, Sports | Comment

William Gass and his hates (July 30, 1924 – December 6, 2017 )


William Gass (July 30, 1924 – December 6, 2017 ) has words to the wise, telling the Paris Review in 1976
“If someone asks me, ‘Why do you write?’ I can … (read more)

Posted: 9th, December 2017 | In: Books | Comment

Transfer balls in the Sun: Ozil talks to Arsenal and agrees to join Manchester United and Barcelona

Transfer balls:  the Sun says Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil could sign a deal to stay at the club. Today’s paper reports:
The German midfielder’s representative have been in talks with the Gunners … (read more)

Posted: 9th, December 2017 | In: Arsenal, Back pages, Sports | Comment

Pimp my cement mixer: artist creates the disco ball truck


Public art is uplifting.  Benedetto Bufalino pimped a truck into a Disco Ball Cement Mixer.




Spotter: Designboom … (read more)

Posted: 9th, December 2017 | In: The Consumer | Comment

A thrilling story of how a man threatened with rape over a bogus debt got revenge

You know those terrible phone calls: we hear that you’ve been in an accident; we know you owe money; we are collecting a debt and you need to pay now. … (read more)

Posted: 8th, December 2017 | In: Money | Comment

Epic fail: Cambridge News front-page headline clanger

The Cambridge News has an epic headline on today’s front page. “100PT SPLASH HEADING HERE.”



The BBC has fun:


… (read more)

Posted: 6th, December 2017 | In: Tabloids | Comment

Miss Havisham insult teacups to die for

For tea with dash of bite and spite, may we suggest Miss Havisham’s sets?



Great fun. And perfect for some of the countr;’s best tea shops.

In 2007, Brighton’s Tea Cosy instituted … (read more)

Posted: 5th, December 2017 | In: The Consumer | Comment

Thérèse Dreaming must be censored to save people from art


To New York, where offence-seekers and defenders of sound morals are demanding the Metropolitan Museum of Art remove Balthasar Klossowski’s (1908-2001) painting, Thérèse Dreaming. Mia Merrill was “shocked” to see … (read more)

Posted: 5th, December 2017 | In: News | Comment

Mark Clattenburg: I let Spurs lose the title at Chelsea

Like so many of you, I am a huge fan of the Premier League referees. Sadly, my Mark Clattenburg replica kit is now a ‘vintage’ item on match days following … (read more)

Posted: 4th, December 2017 | In: Chelsea, News, Sports | Comment

Damian Green: flagrant abuse is what we love best

The Daily Damian: a look at Damian Green in the newspapers. The story so far: the Deputy PM is accused of having porn on his PC and chatting up a … (read more)

Posted: 4th, December 2017 | In: Broadsheets, News, Politicians, Tabloids | Comment

Brexit means we will all ‘starve’ says Downing Street winer maker

We are all going to starve because of Brexit. Over the newswires we read that the chief executive of Chapel Down, a Kent wine maker that supplies plonk to 10 Downing … (read more)

Posted: 4th, December 2017 | In: Money, News | Comment

Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas is an international man of mystery

Meghan Markle has a “mysterious dad”. And by mysterious we mean not a man who weaves mysteries, vanishes in puff of smoke or is, as one dictionary defines it, “difficult … (read more)

Posted: 4th, December 2017 | In: Celebrities, News, Royal Family, Tabloids | Comment

Sunderland fan takes poo in the stands as Black Cats lose to Reading

How poor is your side performing? One Sunderland fan allegedly expressed his dissatisfaction with doings at the Stadium of Light by pulling down his trousers and laying a pipe. As … (read more)

Posted: 3rd, December 2017 | In: Back pages, News | Comment

Media obsession over Kate Maltby and Damian Green is something Rotherham girls can only dream of

It’s always big news when a journalist becomes the story. Access is easy.  The newspaper with the hack’s number on speed-dial gets to ride high on the news cycle and … (read more)

Posted: 3rd, December 2017 | In: Key Posts, News, Politicians | Comment

Damian Green, Jacqui Smith and watching porn on The Job

Who do the police work for? Asking because Cabinet Office Minister Damian Green, effectively Prime Minister Theresa May’s deputy, allegedly had porn on his computer when police raided his office … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, December 2017 | In: Broadsheets, News, Tabloids | Comment

Arsenal v Manchester United balls: Alexandre Lacazette’s miraculous recovery

The news was unequivocal: Arsenal forward Alexandre Lacazette is out with a groin injury.” He will not play against Manchester United. The BBC publishes that news below the teams for … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, December 2017 | In: Arsenal, Back pages, manchester united, Sports | Comment

Daily Mail reported Mugabe’s demise 2 days before he went

As Robert Mugabe spends time with his money, it’s worth noting how the Mail knew he was going well before anyone else. On November 19 at 5:08 pm, the Mail thundered: … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, December 2017 | In: News, Politicians, Tabloids | Comment

Bournemouth v Harry Redknapp in new flats row

Do we like Harry Redknapp the property developer more than Harry Redknapp the wheeler dealing football manager? The Guardian is upset by the man who once upon a time looked … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, December 2017 | In: Broadsheets, News | Comment

David Dearlove: the Facebook photo that jailed a child killer


David Dearlove is starting a life sentence for the murder of Paul Booth. David Dearlove is 71. He will serve at least 13 years behind bars. Paul Booth is 19 … (read more)

Posted: 1st, December 2017 | In: News | Comment