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The Daily Mail continues to plagiarise The Mail Online, which it has ‘nothing to do with’


If the Daily Mail is “nothing to do with the Mail Online” why does the Mail Online publish “top stories from the Daily Mail”?

Spotter: @Liz Gerard … (read more)

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DAY OF RAGE: tabloid facts and figures from the Grenfell Tower march

How many people attended the “DAY OF RAGE” March? Was it a success? What did they protestors achieve? The tabloids review the action.



Daily Mirror: “Rage against the Maychine” – “400 … (read more)

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An insightful and knowing review of the Transformers movie



Bilge Ebiri tells The Village Voice readers about the new Transformers movie:
“No matter, because this after all is a Transformers movie, so soon we’re faced with fiiigjhkwetwnwwwjsahafajhwfohofoehaoowofoeoicioeciaqidjFaerlaeaffjgjlje XGRSXSsfdsmfjjjsomuchrandomstuffsomuchegjwogpjwd … (read more)

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After Grenfell Tower: let’s envy the ‘victims’ in their luxury flats


After Grenfell Tower, news that displaced residents will be rehoused in “Posh New £5m Flats” (Star) at a new-build complex called Kensington Row located around a mile and a half from … (read more)

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BBC radio’s Eddie Mair lampoons Boris Johnson with rare mastery

On BBC Radio 4, Eddie Mair is talking to a bumbling Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary. “This is not the Two Ronnies. You don’t get to answer the previous question,” … (read more)

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Arsenal Balls: Mesut Ozil kisses the badge but Welbeck get Sanchez’s Number 7 shirt

Transfer Balls: The Daily Telegraph no longer exists to report news. It exits to foster rumour on the back of unbelievable fantasy and what it dramatically calls “cryptic messages” –  and the … (read more)

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Brexit: The Queen’s hat looks like the European union flag


Is Her Majesty signalling her political views at the State Opening of Parliament? As Elizabeth Rex delivered a Queen’s Speech, the content of which was thinner than the Jews4Corbyn contact book, you … (read more)

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Someone stole the amputated toe from the Sourtoe cocktail

Amateur drinkers drink cocktails. They’re the Happy Hour dross fuel, the drinks the witless and bovine sup at moments of enforced joviality and acute self doubt. At Dawson City’s Downtown … (read more)

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Neil Young discusses his Pagan church in this animated lost interview from 2006


In 2006, Neil Young spoke with Cal Fussman about spirituality and his paganism.
“I think I found peace in paganism. Jesus didn’t go to church, okay, so I’m way back there. I go to … (read more)

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Chicago says: ‘Ohio will be eliminated’

The Chicago Transit Authority has issued a threat: “Ohio will be eliminated”



Spotter: Reddit – r/softwaregore … (read more)

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Kelly LeBrock’s Weird Science jacket is on sale


Here’s your chance to own the jacket Kelly LeBrock wore as Lisa in Weird Science (1985). You’ll need at least $30,000.

Profiles in History trails the item:
Original black leather bolero-style women’s bomber … (read more)

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2 minutes of Hew Edwards not reading the BBC News is compelling TV


BBC 10 o’clock News anchor Hew Edwards sits in silence. A technical glitch meant viewers saw Edwards sitting alone and in silence as the cameras rolled on last night’s live news … (read more)

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Barbie’s Ken’s got a manbun and cornrows


Keeping in step with the times, Mattel has unleashed a new range of Fashionistas Barbie and Ken dolls. This 40-strong platoon of dollies come in a range of shapes to reflect … (read more)

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Peak Clickbait: Arsenal player transfers to Arsenal

Have we reached peak clickbait in the Daily Telegraph? In “Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to leave Arsenal? Seven destinations and seven replacements”, the paper of record ticks all the boxes in how … (read more)

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Otto Warmbier and me: The Huffington Post’s disgusting attack on North Korea torture victim

Not long after Otto Warmbier was arrested in North Korea, the Huffington Post produced a hatchet job on the man. Entitled “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not … (read more)

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North Korea wakes its citizens with this eerie alarm call

Cock your ear towards Pyongyang, and in the morning you can hear the city’s PA systems waking citizens up to another rosy-fingered dawn. The North Korean regime’s choice of alarm is, … (read more)

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‘May Your City Be Overrun By Trees’: man gets revenge on mayor who cut down his 30-year-old tree

To Redondo Beach, California, where a man lamenting the city’s destruction of his 30-year-old pepper tree has exacted revenge.




Spotter: Imagur … (read more)

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Advert for man looking for a wife in 1865 sets pulses racing

In 1865 an 18-year-old man from Aroostook County, Maine, was looking for a wife. It was the “Chance for a spinster” to gain a husband. He had a “good set of teeth”. His “potatoes are bully”. … (read more)

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A movement towards free abortions on the NHS for Northern Irish women

Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP Scottish government will look at providing free abortions for Northern Ireland women on the NHS. Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, is reported in the Belfast Telegraph as having discussed the plan … (read more)

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‘Tell her we’re coming’: A firefighter who attended Grenfell Tower writes an open letter about that night


A firefighter who attended Grenfell Tower has written on the Facebook ‘Save the Fire Service’. It begins: “Sent to us at STUKFS, powerful and emotional story from a firefighter who attended Grenfell … (read more)

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Shopper uses great keepy-uppy skills at the supermarket

To Brazil, where a local man is demonstrating how to shop with style. Forget the 5p bag and go native. And get me a dozen eggs… Game on!


… (read more)

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Brian Cant explains whatever happened to Brian Cant


Brian Cant has died. The face and voice of children’s TV in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s was from an era when men on pre-school telly looked like your dad. An actor by trade, Cant … (read more)

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After Finsbury Park: hate crime hunts and usual suspects

The righteous are taking sides, using the ‘facts’ to mutate the Finsbury Park murder to fit a cause. On twitter there is mention of anything and everything.

At London’s Al Quds … (read more)

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Stephen King’s recipe for successful writing

Stephen King In On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft addresses the importance of a good night’s sleep and become a better writer:
Like your bedroom, your writing room should be … (read more)

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80 years of New York city side by side in this neat video

The New Yorker has created this neat video of showing how New York City has changed from 1930s until today.



Spotter: Open Culture, Flashbak, … (read more)

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