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Arsenal’s Elneny has red card revoked

The FA does not agree with Mark Hughes, the red-card hungry Southampton manager, nor the referee for Arsenal’s 3-2 Premier League over The Saints last weekend: Mohamed Elneny’s red card has … (read more)

Posted: 12th, April 2018 | In: Arsenal, News, Sports | Comment

The Sun finds drink-driving ‘amusing’

Is driving over the speed limit a lark? Government figures tells us that in 2013, “3,064 people were killed or seriously injured in crashes where speed was a factor”. Adding: … (read more)

Posted: 12th, April 2018 | In: Sports, Tabloids | Comment

Pep Guardiola is nicking a living at Manchester City

Manchester City were a little unlucky to lose 5-1 to Liverpool in the Champions’ League. Raheem Sterling should have been awarded a penalty in the first game; and City should … (read more)

Posted: 11th, April 2018 | In: Back pages, Liverpool, Manchester City, News, Sports | Comment

Arsenal cheats inspired by Mark Hughes’ noble Southampton

A pattern has set in with Mark Hughes. The Southampton manager reacted to defeat at Arsenal by arguing that his side had been short-changed by the referee. Southampton’s Jack Stephens … (read more)

Posted: 9th, April 2018 | In: Arsenal, News, Sports | Comment

Transfer balls: Liverpool and the Moses Simon rumour

The BBC gossip page continues to be a haven for fake news and transfer balls. Today the BBC tells us: “Liverpool are considering a move for Gent’s £13m-rated Moses Simon, … (read more)

Posted: 5th, April 2018 | In: Back pages, Key Posts, News, Tabloids | Comment

Raheem Sterling v The Sun: Manchester City and England star attacked

Manchester City and England forward Raheem Sterling is “obscene”. Well, so the Sun told us. The same paper wants us to know: “RAHEEM STERLING has urged England fans to ‘give … (read more)

Posted: 3rd, April 2018 | In: Back pages, Key Posts, Manchester City, News, Sports, Tabloids | Comment

Stoke City’s Xherdan Shaqiri blames his team-mates for relegation woes

With relegation looming, Stoke City need a galvanising force to stir team. Stoke are currently 19th in Premier League. They are circling the Premier League plug hole. So step forward, Stoke’s … (read more)

Posted: 1st, April 2018 | In: News, Sports | Comment

Ray Wilkins: Chelsea to the core

Ray Wilkins, the former England captain who played for Manchester United, AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain, Ranger, QPR, Crystal Palace and Chelsea (debut at 17 and club captain a year … (read more)

Posted: 31st, March 2018 | In: Chelsea, News, Sports | Comment

Newspaper obituary of the day: ‘Deaths Are Coming’


Spotter … (read more)

Posted: 30th, March 2018 | In: Strange But True | Comment

Steve Smith quits Australia cricket captaincy role

Smith Smith is no longer captain of the Australian cricket team. His deputy David Warner has also stepped down. Both players cheated and got found out. Smith admitted that the team’s … (read more)

Posted: 25th, March 2018 | In: News, Sports | Comment

Zlatan Ibrahimovich hails his move from Manchester United to LA Galaxy with full-page ad in LA Times newspaper

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has paid for a full-page advert in today’s LA Times newspaper to hail his arrival in the US of A. Earlier this week, Manchester United ripped up Zlatan’s … (read more)

Posted: 23rd, March 2018 | In: manchester united, News, Sports | Comment

Liverpool: James Milner tweets his ironing

James Milner, the Liverpool player, has tweeted a photo of himself doing a very James Miler thing: he’s ironing a T-shirt. It really is James Milner and not the famous … (read more)

Posted: 23rd, March 2018 | In: Liverpool, News, Sports | Comment

Arsenal told Jack Wilshere he could leave last summer

Jack Wilshere has still not committed his future to Arsenal, the club he joined at age nine. Wilshere, 26, will be out of contract at the end of the current … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, March 2018 | In: Arsenal, News, Sports | Comment

The greatest dive in football: Jean Meneses hits invisible force field

To Chile, where Universidad de Concepcion forward Jean Meneses is taking an interesting tumble in the box, having encountered an invisible force field. He does not go to ground easily. … (read more)

Posted: 21st, March 2018 | In: News, Sports | Comment

Liverpool will sell Salah for a fortune and Chelsea are the biggest losers

Spare a thought for Chelsea fans forced to look on as club rejects Kevin Bruyne and Mohamed Salah light up the Premier League for Manchester City and Liverpool, respectively. Both … (read more)

Posted: 21st, March 2018 | In: Chelsea, Manchester City, manchester united, News, Sports | Comment

Spurs Harry Kane is worth more than Barcelona’s Messi

The CIES Football Observatory has crunched the data and concluded that Spurs striker Harry Kane is worth more in the transfer market than Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Total balls.

No disrespect to … (read more)

Posted: 20th, March 2018 | In: News, Sports, Spurs | Comment

Married couple appear in same random photo 11 years before they first met


When Mr. Ye and Ms. Xue met in Chengdu, China, they fell in love, and in 2011 married. Fast forward to 2018, and Mr. Ye is flicking through old photo … (read more)

Posted: 20th, March 2018 | In: Strange But True | Comment

Robot wars: driverless Uber kills pedestrian


To Arizona, where a pedestrian has become the world’s first person killed by an autonomous vehicle. A human was behind the wheel of the Uber cab but the vehicle was self-driving … (read more)

Posted: 20th, March 2018 | In: News, Technology | Comment

Manchester United are not getting rid of 10 players this summer

Fancy making a guess at how many players are heading out of Manchester United this summer? The BBC says it’s ’10’. the source for the Beeb’s news of this mass … (read more)

Posted: 19th, March 2018 | In: Back pages, manchester united, News, Sports, Tabloids | Comment

Luke Shaw attack splits Manchester United dressing room

Jose Mourinho says he wants to build a legacy at Manchester United. Nothing about his past suggests that he will. Mourinho leaves clubs spent and exhausted. He’s never lasted more … (read more)

Posted: 19th, March 2018 | In: manchester united, News, Sports | Comment

FA Cup fail: BBC announce Manchester United to play Chelsea and Spurs

And to the live draw for the FA Cup semi-final. Lynsey Hipgrave is the designated BBC blonde sports presenter tasked with announcing the matches. The balls are pulled from U-bend … (read more)

Posted: 18th, March 2018 | In: Chelsea, manchester united, News, Sports, Spurs | Comment

Danny Welbeck has now dived for Arsenal and Manchester United – now for England

‘The dive gets a big fat 0. Nothing can excuse it, embarrassing,” wrote the Daily Mirror’s John Cross in his awarding of player scores at the end of Arsenal’s Europa … (read more)

Posted: 18th, March 2018 | In: Arsenal, Back pages, News, Sports | Comment

YouTube killer gets 180-day prison sentence for fatal stunt


YouTubers Monalisa Perez and her lover Pedro Ruiz III had a plan for fame and fortune. Perez would fire a bullet at Ruiz, who would cheat death by holding a … (read more)

Posted: 17th, March 2018 | In: News, Strange But True | Comment

Vladimir Putin: Daily Star says Russian leader will pop round your house to help out

Vladimir Putin isn’t a bad bloke. Yes, he’s the boss of a gangster state and his regime is implicated in a chemical attack on Salisbury. But those hankering for a … (read more)

Posted: 16th, March 2018 | In: Tabloids | Comment

People struggling to walk up an icy hill in Swanage (Video)

A walk up a hill in Swanage is mundane enough not even to be one of the Top 5 things to do in the supine seaside town in bucolic Dorset. … (read more)

Posted: 16th, March 2018 | In: Strange But True | Comment