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Anti-news: Clooney Won’t Be Joining Twitter

APART from sex scandals and tapping people’s phones, there’s little more the newspapers like doing than reporting on non-news. Now, that’s not to say they write about things that some … (read more)

Posted: 10th, February 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Glee Banned From TV After Comedy Club Spat?

YOU know Glee? It made Don’t Stop Believin’ a hit again and made the lives of music teachers up and down the country slightly more bearable after The Kids decided they … (read more)

Posted: 7th, February 2014 | In: TV & Radio | Comment (1)

50 Years Ago, The Beatles Landed at JFK: 10 Great American Beatles Rip Offs

The Beatles face the media on arrival at JFK airport in New York City on Feb. 7, 1964. The British rock and roll group was also … (read more)

Posted: 6th, February 2014 | In: Flashback, Key Posts, Music | Comment

Cee Lo Green: Don’t Leave Him With Your Girlfriend

Cee-Hi And Very Lo Green (allegedly)

REMEMBER Cee Lo Green? All happy and smiley and the voice of songs like Crazy and F- You? Well, Green it … (read more)

Posted: 5th, February 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Sienfeld Reunion To Happen ‘Very Soon’ And Confuse Everyone Again

THE one thing that unifies pretty much everyone of a certain age is a healthy curiosity of Sienfeld. If you watched it when it was new, at the time, it … (read more)

Posted: 4th, February 2014 | In: Reviews, TV & Radio | Comment

Top 10 Joe Meek Records On The Anniversary Of His Death

TODAY marks the anniversary of Joe Meek’s death. The first British independent record label, genius producer and thorough crackpot departed this Earth on 3rd February after committing suicide after murdering … (read more)

Posted: 3rd, February 2014 | In: Flashback, Key Posts, Music | Comment

Peaches Geldof drops massive clanger in Ian Watkins case

THE whole story around the Ian Watkins trial has been ghoulish and difficult to read about. Aside from the obvious victims involved, you have to feel for fans of The … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, February 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Back To The Future: Once An Awful Film, Now Set To Be An Awful Musical

Actor Michael J. Fox, right, greets fans outside the theatre on Nov. 20, 1989 in Universial City, California where his latest film, “Back to the Future … (read more)

Posted: 31st, January 2014 | In: Celebrities, Film | Comment

What’s New at The Brit Awards This Year?

Boy George and his band Culture Club with Michael Jackson’s sister Latoya. The band won Best British Group and Best Selling Single for ‘Karma Chamleon’. Latoya … (read more)

Posted: 31st, January 2014 | In: Music, Reviews | Comment

Red Hot Chilli Peppers To Be Most Hateful Super Bowl Halftime Ever?

THE Super Bowl halftime show is a mixed bag. Highlights have included Prince, The Rolling Stones, Chubby Checker (and 88 grand pianos), Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Beyonce.

With that, there … (read more)

Posted: 30th, January 2014 | In: Reviews, Sports | Comment

Watch A Man Run Over A Cyclist’s Foot In London And Then Punch Said Cyclist (Video)

A wrecked bicycle after a crash involving a bus.Date: 04/09/1936

YES, yes. We all know that cyclists can be really annoying. They sometimes run red lights on … (read more)

Posted: 28th, January 2014 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)

Prince Sues 22 People For $22 Million

Rock singer Prince performs at the Orange Bowl during his Purple Rain tour in Miami, Fla., April 7, 1985.

POOR, hard-up Prince has shocked his fans after … (read more)

Posted: 28th, January 2014 | In: Celebrities, Money | Comment

Macklemore Robbed Kendrick Lamar At The Grammy Awards

Ryan Lewis, left, and Macklemore accept the award for best new artist at the 56th annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, … (read more)

Posted: 27th, January 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Jay Z To Write A Comedy With Calvin Harris While Getting Sued

GET ready to do a Harry Hill style sideways glance to camera. Jay Z, Calvin Harris and Will Smith are teaming up with Irvine Welsh to create an HBO comedy … (read more)

Posted: 25th, January 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Copyright Balls: Spotify versus Thom Yorke and Dre’s Beats


SPOTIFY has been incredibly divisive in the music industry, with some looking at it like a perfectly good promo tool to promote artists, while others think it’s stealing all their … (read more)

Posted: 23rd, January 2014 | In: Music, Reviews | Comment

What To Expect At The Brits 2014

Piers Agget, DJ Locksmith, Amir Amor and Kesi Dryden of Rudimental arriving for the BRITS nominations, at ITV Studios, Southbank in London.


SO, The Brit Awards are … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, January 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Quentin Tarantino Ditches ‘Hateful Eight’ Thanks To Script Leak

UH-OH. Quentin Tarantino is declaring war on Hollywood after someone leaked the script for ‘Hateful Eight’. Only six people have seen the script itself, and Quentin is naming names. Bruce Dern … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, January 2014 | In: Celebrities, Film | Comment

Horrifying figurines of foetuses, now available to buy

EVER looked at the world and become suddenly depressed? You realise that everything ugly you see, is man-made. So, your attentions turn to nature, where everything is beautiful. And vicious. … (read more)

Posted: 21st, January 2014 | In: Reviews, Strange But True, The Consumer | Comment (1)

Putin Says He Likes Elton John (Just Not The Other Gays)

Youngsters Karen Davies and bradley Luxon, dressed as Little Bo Peep and Elton John, turn out for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee street party in St. Stephen’s … (read more)

Posted: 20th, January 2014 | In: Celebrities, Politicians, Reviews | Comment

Jack White And Neil Young To Team Up For Grumpiest LP Ever Recorded?

APPARENTLY Neil Young and Jack White have teamed-up for an album of covers. Seeing as this is two of the most miserable singers on the planet, you can only imagine … (read more)

Posted: 20th, January 2014 | In: Music, Reviews | Comment (1)

Miley and Britney Banned From French TV


THE French are not known for being particularly prudish. Their great art is filled with tasteful nudes. They have the boobies on the beaches. Their accents make people orgasm on … (read more)

Posted: 20th, January 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment (1)

How I Met Your Mother Gears Up For Finale By Being Racist

From left, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris accept the award for favorite network TV comedy for “How I Met … (read more)

Posted: 17th, January 2014 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

Morrissey To Release New Albums – Everyone Awaits The Beef

FOR a vegetarian, Morrissey doesn’t half thrive on beef. Every time he has something to plug, like a second division rapper, he gets out his broadsword and starts thrashing away … (read more)

Posted: 17th, January 2014 | In: Celebrities, Music | Comment

Frampton Is Dead: Album Sales Dip To Lowest Level In The States

Shown in photo are head and shoulder shots of singer Peter Frampton on May 11, 1978.


FANS of albums, prepare to boo-hoo as reports state that album … (read more)

Posted: 16th, January 2014 | In: Music | Comment

Hey Hey! It’s The Razzies! Grown-Ups 2 Could Sweep The Board


TOO frequently, the world of entertainment is very willing to pat itself on the back and gush all over itself about just how wonderful it has been all year.

However, with … (read more)

Posted: 15th, January 2014 | In: Celebrities, Film | Comment