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Wheat Watch: This Is About Irrigation Not The Crop Being Grown


AN interesting little report trying to insist that people who grow rice are more social, more cooperative, than people who grow wheat. Unfortunately, while the phenomenon they describe might well be … (read more)

Posted: 20th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Pass The Happy Pills: The Internet Is Depressing The Children!



ONE of the great problems in this modern world is that people are forever confusing cause and effect. Or if you prefer, forgetting that correlation does not mean causation. And so … (read more)

Posted: 19th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews, Technology | Comment

How To Have More Sex – The Huge Secret Is Out


ONCE again the scientists have come to our rescue, explaining one of the world’s great mysteries. Why is it that some people en up having more sex with more people than … (read more)

Posted: 19th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment (1)

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Do Absolutely Bugger All For Your Heart


IT’S a generally accepted bit of health woo that there are good animal fats and bad ones. The nice tasty kind, lard, beef dripping and so on are very bad for … (read more)

Posted: 15th, May 2014 | In: Money, The Consumer | Comment

Of Course Beer Goggles Exist: How Else Do you think Us Mingers Get Laid?


IT’S quite remarkable how scientists manage to come up with proofs of what everyone over the age of 12 already knows. Time and time again we get press releases telling us … (read more)

Posted: 14th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Cameron Is Right: Of Course Gary Barlow Can Keep His Poxy OBE


SO. Gary Barlow’s been found to have “invested” in a tax avoidance scheme. So therefore there are cries that he should be stripped of his OBE, or hand it back himself. … (read more)

Posted: 12th, May 2014 | In: Celebrities, Money | Comment (1)

Pretend Your A Tripadvisor Bed Tester And Score A Discount Deal?

German Katja Bunge, housekeeper of the Wallstreet Park Plaza Hotel, makes a bed in a room with a carpet, looking like a one dollar bill, in … (read more)

Posted: 9th, May 2014 | In: Money, The Consumer | Comment (1)

How Excellent: The NHS To Start Charging For Doctor’s Appointments

New facilities for St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London: The demonstration room for the new nurses home.Date: 30/05/1961


THIS is going to cause an awful lot of shouting around and … (read more)

Posted: 7th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment (1)

Saving AstraZeneca From The Filthy Foreigners Only Keep The Toffs Rich And Happy

Chancellor George Osborne during a visit to the Macclesfield AstraZeneca site in Cheshire.Picture date: Thursday January 12, 2012.


YOU may have noticed in all this talk about … (read more)

Posted: 7th, May 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Would You Join The Mile High Club If Your Parents Were On The Same Plane? She Did


BEING in the mile high club (for those who don’t know if means you’ve shagged in a plane more than a mile up in the air) isn’t all that much … (read more)

Posted: 6th, May 2014 | In: Reviews, Strange But True, The Consumer | Comment

Why The Hell Do We Have Markets Now In The NHS?

A NOT uncommon question: why the hell do we have markets now in the NHS? Given that everything is being paid for by the taxpayer, shouldn’t we have the politicians, … (read more)

Posted: 6th, May 2014 | In: Money | Comment

Sell Twitter Or Else! Says Daily Telegraph

IN what might not be the very best share tipping column ever the Daily Telegraph is telling us all that we should unload our Twitter shares immediately. This isn’t sensible … (read more)

Posted: 6th, May 2014 | In: Money, Technology | Comment

Duke of Westminster Sells Expensive Houses to Build Cheap Houses

The Duke of Westminster arrives at the wedding of his daughter Lady Tamara Grosvenor to Edward van Cutsem at Chester Cathedral. Prince William will act as … (read more)

Posted: 1st, May 2014 | In: Money | Comment

The Daily Mail Discovers Heredity In Hull 150 Years After Darwin Published

Charles Darwin poses in a wicker chair in 1875 at an unknown location.


THIS is pretty good of the Daily Mail, rediscovering something that was published only … (read more)

Posted: 30th, April 2014 | In: Reviews | Comment

Donald Sterling Is Blackballed From Basketball For Being A Private Racist

Los Angeles Clippers team owner Donald Sterling watches his team play in Los Angeles.


IT has to be said that Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers … (read more)

Posted: 30th, April 2014 | In: Money, Sports | Comment

Venezuela: You Won’t Believe The Crap Hugo Chavez Spent The Bolivarian Revolution Oil Money On

In this April 24, 2014 photo, a sculpture decorated with newspaper clippings is on display near the site where anti-government student protesters are camping out in … (read more)

Posted: 28th, April 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comments (2)

The Herbal Stiffy Maker That Worked Because It Had Viagra In It

WE’VE all been bombarded with the spam about the herbal Viagras for so long now that none of us actually believe that they work, or are anything other than the … (read more)

Posted: 28th, April 2014 | In: Money | Comment

Fancy A Shag? Then Chase The Bird With The Fat Arse



NICE, eh. The conclusion from the latest piece of research into human sexuality says that men looking for sex should chase women with big bums. That’s not quite how they … (read more)

Posted: 25th, April 2014 | In: Reviews | Comment

Are You Having Sex For The Required 7 Minutes?

THE latest from yet another of that long line of “sex doctors” who would tell us all how to do it. Which is that you might be having sex that … (read more)

Posted: 24th, April 2014 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)

Google, Apple, Intel – All Getting Sued For Screwing The Workers

YOU may or may not worry very much about some of the richest workers on the planet getting screwed over by the companies they work for. We tend to worry … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, April 2014 | In: Money, Technology | Comment

Garden Centres Lose £5,000 A Day From Outmoded Religiously Sectarian Rules

Get thee to a garden cengtre


THE claim is that garden centres lose £5,000 each by being forced to close on Easter Sunday. This is, of course, … (read more)

Posted: 21st, April 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comments (2)

Yahoo! Is Now Officially Worth Less Than Nothing, Say Matt Yglesias and Matt Levine

 In this March 3, 1997 file photo, Yahoo co-founders David Filo, left, and Jerry Yang, right, hold up a fish prop at Yahoo headquarters in Santa … (read more)

Posted: 19th, April 2014 | In: Money, Reviews, Technology | Comment

Starbucks Is Relocating Its HQ To The UK: Hurrah!

OR at least Starbucks is going to be relocating it’s European HQ to the UK. Which, after all that fuss about how much tax Starbucks was or was not paying … (read more)

Posted: 17th, April 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

How Does Regulating Plastic Bags Stop Germany From Invading France?


IT was Sr. Barroso who told us, in a piece in The Times, that the aim and purpose of the European Union was to stop Germany from invading France. Again. … (read more)

Posted: 16th, April 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment

Would You Use Facebook As A Bank? Because They’ll Be Asking You Soon


IT looks like Facebook is going to open itself up as something of a bank. Why not, they’ve a billion users already and that could make them the largest bank … (read more)

Posted: 15th, April 2014 | In: Money, Reviews | Comments (2)

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