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Matt Hughes Adds To Chelsea Crisis

CHELSEA’S striking crisis:

“…leaving Drogba and Anelka as the club’s only recognised strikers”- Matt Hughes, of the Times, fails to recognise Salomon Kalou, billed as a strike on the paper’s Fantasy Football League pages

See you at the January sales…

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Summit About Nothing: Ronnie Wood Calls In The United Nations

RONNIE Wood is having “divorce summit”.

Right it is that an act of such global importance is afforded a position on the Sun’s front page, and covred by the alnguage of interntanl dimplamacy.

Ronnie Wood (UK) says he wants to be with Ekaterina Ivanova (Russia).

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Quote Of The Day: Tony Jacklin’s Four Balls

SPORTING Quote of the Day: Tony Jacklin on golf…

“Tom Wesikopf pined a note to my locker door with just these four letters – TEMPO” – Golfer Tony Jacklin on Sky Sports


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Ah, Sol: Homophobic Tabloids Rally Round Sol Campbell

FOOTBALLER Sol Campbell has been the victim of homophobic chants.

The Daily Star makes it its business to expose such things, even repeating one ditty, as sung by fans of Spurs, for whom Campbell used to play before his defection to local rivals Arsenal:

“Sol, Sol, where ever you may be. You’re on the verge of lunacy. And we don’t give a f*** if you’re hanging from a tree. You Judas c*** with HIV.”

The Star is appalled and screams: “GAY FOOTIE FANS RIGHT BEHIND SOL”.

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Shoes For Hats: Daily Mirror Hack’s Zany Wikiepdia Cheat

THE Mirror’s David Anderson writes from Nicosia of Manchester City’s UEFA Cup match with Omonia Nicosia.

Despite City’s raised profile, they must make do with the UEFA Cup this season and Hughes will not tolerate any slip-ups against the Cypriot side, whose fans are known as the ‘Zany Ones’ and wear hats made from shoes.

Well, that’s what is says on the Wikipedia page for Omonia Nicosia, as updated by “godspants”, a web wag, and slavishly borrowed by Anderson as he does his, er, research…

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Shawn Johnson Attacked By Demented Farmhand

US Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is under attack. She’s walking a fine line between bravery and stupidity… Watch out for the farmhand..!

US Ironists Wants To Rip Gold Medal From 14-Year-Old He Kexin’s Neck


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Forward With Boris Johnson As London Twinned With Beijing

STAGE 2 in the plan to make the London Olympics just like the Beijing Game, only better and more Chinese.

Having waved a flag like a totem of the Yellow River, a blonde extra from The Great Leap Forward, London mayor Boris Johnson is returned from China with ideas anew.

Johnny Chinky sure does know a think or two about bicycles. They just love ‘em. So here’s Boris on a bicycle riding about a car-free London with 50,000 other enthusiasts.

(Image: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

“This is the perfect way to encourage Londoners to get on their bikes,” says Johnson, pictured in the London Evening Standard cycling with Olympic champion Chris Hoy through an oddly carefree, er, St James’s Park.

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Mike Atherton On Cricket’s Establishment

QUOTE of the day: former England captain Mike Atheron on cricket’s future…

“Over time the less established players very often become more established” – Mike Atherton

More to follow…

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Lily Allen’s Colonic Irrigation

LILY Allen News Of The Day: Lily’s arse

LILY Allen has booked herself in for a session of colonic irrigation this afternoon” – Gordon Smart, The Sun

More Lily Allen news tomorrow…


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Four Facts About Paul Gascoigne’s Drinking

“INFO maniac UK,” screams the Mirror. “Average Briton absorbs 13 new facts per day.”

But which facts? Luckily, Paul Gascoigne is here to help readers. Gazza is by the Metz public house, in Dunston, Gateshead.

DAILY MIRROR: “Desperate for a drink at 9.44am.” Fact!

THE SUN: “Desperate for a drink…” at 9.45am. Fact!

DAILY EXPRESS: “9.30am: Gazza tries to get a drink.” Fact!

DAILY STAR: “Gazza is desperately trying to get into a pub at 9am”. Fact!

Now for 11 more facts to complete the day’s quota… Who’s in the Spurs First XI tonight?

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Gallowgate Humour: Newcastle Fans Attack Mike Ashley

AH, the Geordie fans of Newcastle United, a breed apart, a nation apart, a place where delusions are encouraged and the car-Toon army actually believe that their stadium is the best, their fans the most loyal and their club “massive”.

The one thing you won’t see at Newcastle is smiling, worldly-wise fans lampooning their own team’s failings and ole-ing when a single pass goes to a teammate.

Newcastle United’s fans are devoid of humour, even gallows humour in the Gallowgate.

And here’s Alan McKenna, who looks like Newcastle chairman Mickey Ashley, walking into a bar in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, and being asked by Newcastle fans if he is the real thing.

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Kat Deluna Murders The US National Anthem

IT’S pop sen-sation Kat Deluna. Yaaaaaay! Kat by name, cat by singing style.

Ms Deluna was commandeered to sing the national anthem of the US of A at the start of an American Football match. Americans love to hear their national anthem, it being proof that despite so much evidence to the contrary, theirs is the land of the brave and free.

For similar reasons, the Chinese national anthem begins “Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves!” the French chant “To arms, to arms, ye brave!” and Russians sing up for, “Long live our Fatherland, land of the free, The eternal union of brothers nations.”

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Proud Of Britain: Being Proud Of Sir Alex Ferguson

PROUD Of You – Anorak’s look people being proud of others. The more tenuous the link, the better. Today, one of Alex Ferguson’s school mates is proud of him:

“I’ve kept an eye on Alex’s career,” says Margaret McArthur, 67. “He’s done really well and I’m proud of him.” – The Sun

Makes you proud…

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America Is In The Great Depression

WRITES Cheryl from the US:

It is a nightmare over here, trust me! Drive down the streets in very nice areas and Foreclosures signs going up right and left. Stock market took quite a hit today and some people are losing their life’s savings in one fell swoop. Gas went up the other day in some places by 89 cents more per gallon add-on to already outrageous prices even before Ike hit Texas! I was reading an article last week about the potential for suicides by people losing their homes. Trying to remember history but believe it was the Crash of 1929 or 32 that caused the multitude of people to kill themselves who lost everything and thus the Great Depression. Here is something from the news over here today but not the latest and it only worsens.


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Sky Has Changed Football More Than Any Billionaire Team Owner

SIMON Barnes, the Times’s Sports Columnist of the Year, is talking about Al Sugar, Manchester City and how football clubs have become rich man’s play things, as opposed to in those halcyon days of the minimum wage, when football clubs were, er, rich men’s play things.

Football is like a bird attached to a brick by a strong piece of elastic. The bird is flying skywards with all its might and there are only two things that can happen. Either the elastic will break or the brick will hit the bird up the arse. The bird is the billionaire owner, the brick is the supporters.

And the Sky in which it flies is the big money broadcaster which has done more to change football than any multi-millionaire, billionaire or trillionaire…

Not that Barnes notices. The Times is, incidentally, owned by the same company that owns Sky TV…

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Cheryl Cole Calls The Celebrity Baby Ordering Service

THE People advertise the news that Cheryl Cole, of the Chelsea Coles says: “I want a baby with Ashley next year.

Well, what’s one more, alleged puking, diamond-pooing little darling? But before the world can welcome into its bosom anther Ashley Cole, Cheryl needs to call Anorak’s Celebrity Baby Ordering Service.

Says Cheryl: “I want to start working on that baby.”

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Lewis Hamilton Stands Up At The Italian Grand Prix

OVERHEARD on TV: It’s the Italian Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton is go… Go… Go!!!!

“Would the real Lewis Hamilton please stand up”James Allen, ITV

But how will his feet reach the pedals..?

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Paul Gascoigne’s Last Words And Testament

PAUL Gascoigne is unwell. And rumours of his impeding death are exaggerated.

As the Star leads: “GAZZA LEAVE ME ALONE TO DIE.”

At once we see a mental image of Paul Gascoigne lying on his death bed, his head raised as a team of men in white try to squirt a jet of elixir into his flapping maw.

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British Invested Baseball And Decided Not To Play It

THE Times reports that the British invested baseball and then decided not to play it:

Historians in Surrey have documentary proof that the game was being played in the UK before America. A diary entry which talks about a game played in Guildford, Surrey in 1755 has been verified as authentic by the Surrey History Centre.

The Surrey History Centre, where highlights include The Philip Bradley Fairground Collection and Dennis Specialist Vehicles.

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Overheard On TV: Clare Balding Straddles The BBC’s Red Button

Overheard on TV: The BBC’s Steve Cram at the Paralympics:

“As I said Clare will be back on the red button very, very shortly – Steve Cram.

Back in the saddle for our Clare Balding…

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Great Sporting Injuries: Fabian Espindola’s Own Goal

GREAT SPORTING INJURIES: Fabian Espindola, of Us soccer ball team Real Salt Lake, sis out for at least a month, thanks to a bad ankle sprain suffered when he did a backflip after a goal against David Beckham’s LA Galaxy on Saturday.

Update: A disallowed goal.

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Wayne Rooney’s Non-Sequitur Of The Day

WAYNE Rooney, we and readers of the News of the World learn, is “at it five times a night”.

It turns out to be “playing FIFA ’08”, a video game that features a picture of Wayne in full rant on the cover.

After that coincidence (surely shameless plug? – ed), the NOTW then delivers one of the best non-sequiturs ever:

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Big Brother: How To Be A Strumpet, With Sara Folino

WANT to know about Big Brother Sara Folino’s “DRUGS, LESBIAN ROMPS & SEX TAPES”?

Star readers do. And so should you.

Sara Folino is featured on the paper’s front page wearing bra and knickers (matching and clean) and shouldering a whip.

Star readers are aghast. Sara – dear, dear, Sara – do you not know that the whip accompanies the saucy jodhpurs shot, possibly with a suck on a straw of hay?

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Seriously Cheaper Credit Crunch Savings

NOW that’s seriously chepaer!

Spotter: Frank

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Sarah Palin Picture Of The Day: The Name’s Piper

SARAH Palin picture of the day – a lovely image or Sarah, John and Piper…

Spotter: Karen Hawtry

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